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To celebrate the start of the World Cup let’s take a look at one of the best of the many Brazilian spanking scenes in recent years. It’s from episode 18 of the telenovela Morde & Assopra first shown in April 2011.

Harry found this good quality still of lovely Latin beauty Vanessa Giacomo receiving her “palmadas”.

Morde & Assopra ep 18 Vanessa Giacomo 9 April 2011

The second video clip gives us more insight into the attitudes to women that exist in Brazilian society and TV. It’s pranking not spanking but it’s a lot of fun and includes an “Oscar winning burning bum performance!”

Ouch! That really stings!

2013 spanking vertical wall calendar (1)It’s Wimbledon time again and on the opening day of the tournament Lauren Davis from Ohio USA fell to Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic, 6-4, 6-0. Davis, ranked No. 88 in the world, was competing in her first Wimbledon main draw.

The teenager might have found the loss a tough one but it probably didn’t hurt as much as when she fell to a third-round defeat at the Sony Open in Florida last March.

That match was interrupted when a wasp stung her on the backside! Luckily, a cameraman was on hand to capture the kind of on-court reaction shots that normally only feature in our fantasies about tennis players. Like the one in the wall calendar picture for example.

Lauren Davis Lauren Davis2
Lauren Davis3 Lauren Davis6
Lauren Davis5

In other tennis news, here’s a picture that I don’t think I’ve posted before.

Amy Green And Jodie Gasson Play Topless Tennis For Zoo www.GutterUncensored

The Gonzo Games

Let me take you back to the long hot summer of 1991. A Spank Statement reader (from Sweden) is holed up in a New York hotel. Idly browsing a TV guide, he sees a listing for a show called The Gonzo Games:


Naturally his interest is sparked. Fortunately, the hotel provides  guests with VCRs…

Pictures of Tennis Girls Shoving Balls Up Their Knickers

“Pictures of tennis girls shoving balls up their knickers” was a search term that brought a visitor to the site this week.

ball 001 ball emmanuelle gagliardi ball jelena dokic

So I thought I’d better try and make him (it’s got to be a him hasn’t it?!) happy by posting the pick of my collection of… pictures of tennis girls shoving balls up their knickers!

In the Tatiana Golovin picture (right below) the ball is already up there. It made me wonder just how many tennis balls a player can fit up her knickers. Has a record ever been attempted?

ball maria sharapova 3 ball tatiana golovin

ball jelena dokic 2 ball maria sharapova 2

So I googled the question, and found an answer on a trivia website.

If push comes to shove, a girl can hold 4 tennis balls in her knickers, assuming strong elastic and no sense of style. French knickers can’t hold any.

ball maria sharapova 1

The picture above is Maria Sharapova 2011 Wimbledon vintage. It’s a bit reminiscent of the famous Athena tennis girl poster, but with knickers on of course. Perhaps if she wins the ladies final today, she will celebrate by trying to beat 4!

Just imagine the flashbulbs!


Wife Carrying

While the sport of wife carrying might not make it into the Olympics, it still has plenty to offer because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like a nice over-the-shoulder carry? I don’t know if this topic has ever made it onto a spanking blog before, but doubters are sure to be won over when they see my truly spectacular and hilarious gallery of arse-to-the-sky wife carrying action pics!

Wife carrying is popular throughout the world including parts of the US, South Africa and even Japan, but it’s spiritual home is in Scandinavia where the guys often wear viking style helmets. I think it’s fair to conclude that your average wife carrier is not terribly progressive in his attitudes. So is it too fanciful to suggest that the women in these pictures must sometimes find themselves over the KNEE of their husbands as well? Come to think of it, they probably go in for wife carrying big time on the island of Agersö and we know what a secretly kinky bunch of Spank Statement reading Norse-persons they are!


Yesterday’s Spank Statement briefly alluded to a news story that’s been dominating the headlines here. Two top TV sports presenters were sacked/forced to resign after Youtube clips emerged of them making sexist comments about a female linesman and Karren Brady (the vice-chairman of West Ham football club and the subject of a recent Spank Statement herself).

So it was a funny surprise to come across this photoshopped version of a classic Hollywood publicity still today. The shamed presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys are shown spanking Ms Brady with ping pong bats.

I found it on the Guardian website of all places in their Football Gallery feature. The caption was:

“Andy and Richard remember the good old days when Karren’s misinterpretation of the offside rule would result in a good smashing.”


You can see the rest of the gallery here.

New Panties, Please

I forget the name of the player who wore these knickers with a cheeky message at Wimbledon in the 1970s. You can see she’s only on one of the smallest outside courts though.

I suspect that Venus Williams won’t take the “no panties” look onto centre court this year either, but it would be great if she did, and even better if Maria Sharapova followed suit!

Talking of Maria Sharapova, she’s one of the stars of The Sun’s gallery of “Top 10 best tennis bottoms” which you can check out here.

If that doesn’t get you in the mood for watching IT at Wimbledon, then maybe this “consumer test” for women’s tennis pants will do the trick.

Ice Dancing – Yes Really!

I’ve been busy looking for some of the spankiest ice dancing pictures on the net. Russian couple Sergei Novotski and Jana Khokhlova take the Gold medal for the top one which comes from a routine the couple danced at the recent Winter Olympics. I don’t know what Jana has done wrong but she must have been very naughty indeed!


Spanking on ice

posepose2flame 002

More Sergei and Jana.


Warning: Don’t try these OTK positions at home.

lamp 001

Chilling out

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Swimmer’s Jaked Ass

Italian men, who like nothing more than a nice bit of bottom cheek to pinch, would probably approve of the costume modeled by their swimmer Flavia Zoccari at the Mediterranean Games last week.

fz 0012

Unfortunately, she wasn’t intending to set a new trend, so when her skin tight suit burst open in a VERY unfortunate place, she desperately tried to cover up the cheeky rear view.

fz 0017

After withdrawing from the 200m race because there wasn’t time for a change, Flavia burst into tears of embarrassment and frustration. The male officials seated behind her simply didn’t know where to look, or perhaps they did!

fz 0018

She was wearing the controversial Jaked J01 swimsuit, which was banned earlier this year because it gave swimmers an unfair advantage. The ban was lifted after an appeal by Jaked who sponsor the Italian national team.

fz 004

She probably now wishes they had stayed banned!

But the wardrobe malfunction could ultimately be a GOOD thing for Flavia and the sport in general. Tennis and volleyball player’s bottoms grab plenty of media attention, and it’s about time swimmers made a bit more of their natural ass-etts. After all they have wonderful ly taut, firm and muscular butts that deserve their share of the spotlight.

Here’s another fine example of what I’m talking about.

fz 0101

Trim, taut and terrific.

Hopefully, some lucrative advertising contracts or modelling assignments will be coming Flavia’s way. And regardless of nationality, we’ll ALL now be cheering her on at the next Olympics in 2012.

fz 001

Go Flavia!

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