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Most of you will already be familiar with former Janus contributor Murray Roberts whose sensational From the Library series has been wowing visitors to this site for a while. Now Spank Statement readers can enjoy the EXCLUSIVE privilege of reading the veteran aficionado’s “no-punches-pulled” account of his personal top ten movie spanking scenes. Hold on tight…

Items 10-2 are in alphabet order, not order of merit.

10 The Cowcatcher’s Daughter (Andy Clyde, Marjorie Beebe)

The longest scene on screen; just serious enough to be interesting.

9 The Doctor and the Redhead (TV Series The June Allyson Show: Episode: The Doctor and the Redhead, Dick Powell and Felicity Farr).

Has all the right ingredients, and it helps that you can see it coming a mile off!

8 The Fabulous Senorita (Robert Armstrong, Estelita Rodriguez)

In many of her films, ER behaved as though she should be spanked, but this and Mexicana are the only two that ‘delivered’. No punches pulled, and ER responds with much struggling and scratching.

7 Gunsmoke (TV Series Episode: Catawomper, no link available)

Just a nice close-up, no soundtrack, no-nonsense whacking.

6 How Honza Nearly Became King (Jiri Korn, Jorga Kotrbová)

A sort of Czech fairy tale in which a dumb-of-malice princess finds her voice while being soundly spanked by Honza. Great stuff!


5 Janika (Hungary Film/TV)

Four versions are known of this famous play, in which a mature woman impersonates her (non existent) son. The 2003 TV version is superb.

4 Too Young To Kiss (Van Johnson, June Allyson)

When a 20 odd year woman decides, for professional reasons, to knock 10 years off her age, one feels she should be spanked and, in this one, she is.

3 Twilight on the Rio Grande (Gene Autry, Adele Mara, no link available)

One of Gene’s 3 screen spankings. Manages to be both light-hearted and heavy handed.

2 Weeds (Mary Louise Parker, Demian Bechir)
A nice scene, and symbolic in that it might just signal the end of the TV Spanking ‘drought’.

1 Frontier Gal (Rod Cameron, Yvonne de Carlo)

I first saw this a lifetime ago, and it has been a favourite ever since. RC really means business, and, although Yvonne is immaculate for the succeeding clinch, one suspects the make-up team have been at work.



Candidate for inclusion (if it ever turns up):

Demain nous Divorcons (France 1950s)

A spirited battle of the sexes in which Sophie Desmarets receives a magisterial spanking from I believe Jean Desailly.

Kiss Me Kate

The 1999 revival has a good scene, especially with Rachel York as Lilli/Kate. However, there are scores of productions each year, and spanking clips/stills sometimes find their way to YouTube and elsewhere.

US Pro Wrestling

For those interested in the byways. Until the authorities clamped down a few years ago, the boys got away with (spanking) murder!

Please keep sending in your top ten movie spankings to the usual email address (see top of sidebar). Some descriptions and or reasons for your choices would be great, but a simple list is fine too.

8 thoughts on “Reader’s Top Tens – Murray Roberts”

  1. A man after my own tastes – maybe I’ll do my own one day, but I suspect the list would have a similar look! In particular, that Czech one Honza is a lesser-known scene and one of my favourites, and Frontier Gal as #1 is hard to argue with.

    I’m intrigued by the Gene Autry one as I’m not certain if I’ve seen it. Also that French one you mention in the post-script..

  2. It would be great to receive a top ten from you Luther 🙂 🙂
    Inevitably, the same scenes are starting to crop up regularly, but that’s interesting in itself. In fact someone sent me a chart based on this series so far. (10 points for 1st place, 9 points for 2nd etc.) Maybe I’ll do a “Top Ten Greatest Scenes Ever” post eventually.

    I’m intrigued by the French scene too, and I’ve only seen a still of the Gene Autrey/Adele Mara spanking in an old Janus. (probably one of Murray’s articles.) Maybe Chross could help. 😉

  3. Hard to see how the Elvis spanking from Blue Hawaii, and the John Wayne/Maureen O’Hara spanking from McLintock could not be on the list. When the topic of movie spankings comes on, those are the two that immediately come to mind.
    Speaking of Gene Autry, I have a question. Many years ago I recall a reference to a spanking on one his movies shown on TV.
    Recall one girl decided that another needed a spanking(her sister perhaps). But no one wanted to do it.
    She finally did get spanked but offscreen.
    What I remember most is the last scene. She, and Gene, and others are riding along singing “Riding Down That Old Texas Trail”. And the camera pans to the pillow she has on her saddle that she is sitting on.
    I was quite young, but somehow that scene excited me. Spanko DNA at work I suppose.

    1. I agree with Tanner that the spanking scenes from “Blue Hawaii” (1961) and “McLintock” (1963) should be on anybody’s list of Top Ten screen spankings. These scenes are so true to our fantasies, it’s almost a mortal sin to leave them off.

      But I won’t argue with your Number One best scene: “Frontier Gal” (1945) is a perfect over-the-knee spanking scene, and it only gets better with age. I’ve got it on tape and on DVD, and I watch it often.

      There are three (3) more scenes that should be on the Top Ten list. One is the splendid Patrick Bergin/Sean Young scene with Bergin walloping Ms. Young over his knee, and this time we get to see ALL 23 swats landing on their luscious target. There are no cutaways.

      The second one is a tremendous scene that every spanko in the entire world should love, although it isn’t in the English language. If you get a chance, check out the lengthy scene in “Flickorna” (Denmark, 1968) where an older man gives his young wife (Gunnel Lindblom) the longest OTK spanking I’ve ever seen — FIFTY swats, and all right on target.

      And, since your Top Ten list includes cable TV shows such as “Weeds,” you should also include the OTK spanking given by Jonathan Schwartzman to cutie pie Zoe Kazan in “Bored to Death” (2010). The bonus here is that Zoe actually LIKES her spanking and she lets us all know it. Twenty-six swats, and we see every one of them land.


      1. Oops, I forgot to mention that the movie where Sean Young gets her bottom walloped by Patrick Bergin is “Love Crimes” (1992).

      2. And YOU need to take a close look at the scene from Community with Gillian Jacobs. It’s F/F and you don’t see a single swat land – yet it’s undeniably a great scene to watch.

  4. I’ve got that Gene Autrey scene on an old video tape (can’t remember the title of the film). I’ll try and post it on here if I can.

    The top tens are all personal so I guess there are no automatic choices. Since you’ve started now Tanner, why not send me your remaining 8 nominations, and I’ll make another top ten post out of it?

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