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Harlots Trailer

Harlots is set in an 18th century brothel or “boarding house for young ladies” and follows the lives of the sex workers and their patron. Featuring Jessica Brown Findlay, formerly Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey and a former Brit Bot of the Week, the show follows Charlotte Wells as she works as one of London’s high-end courtesans. The trailer has just dropped and there’s a birching scene but it’s not too clear about the orientation (F/M or M/F?). I’m looking forward to watching this upcoming series anyway.

This earlier Spank Statement about Georgian London gives more background on this rich period for our kink.

Brit Bot of the Week – Amy Willerton

'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' TV Programme, Australia - 28 Nov 2013

It’s a very patriotic Brit Bot this week. On the Australian jungle-based gameshow “I’m a Celebrity…” model Amy Willerton took to wearing a pair of Union Jack knickers to sunbathe in after she had run out of bikinis!

Earlier she had been seen in a white bikini reminding viewers of the first time Myleene Klass made headlines for her shower-wear in a previous series.

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass 2006

Amy Willerton White Bikini400

Amy Willerton 2013

This week Ms Klass made headlines for a very different reason back in the UK. Discussing corporal punishment on a tv chat show, she revealed that she was once spanked by her (Fillipino) mother with a flip-flop. She said that she went to her father and showed him the mark that the flip-flop had left expecting some sympathy. But instead he fetched a date stamp and stamped the date on it!!

'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' TV Programme, Australia - 28 Nov 2013

Fellow contestant Matthew Wright (who normally hosts the very show on which Myleene was appearing) has described Amy as ‘too indulgent and too spoilt and too ambitious.’

Whilst actress Annabel Giles called her ‘lazy and self-centred’ after she refused a request to help with the washing up.

Amy Willerton Union Jack

So I’m proposing that Ms Willerton should be made to follow in Myleene’s footsteps once again.

Matthew can spank her with a flip-flop.

And Annabel can follow up with the date stamp!

Amy Willerton

Amy Willerton trial 2

Brit Bot of the Week

jessica Brown Findlay Brit Bot of the WeekI have a particularly fine Brit Bot to bring you this week from an actress who has been mentioned and pictured on this site before. Jessica Brown-Findlay, who played Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey, showed her bottom in the opening episode of mini series Labyrinth.

Irish actress Katie McGrath, best known as Morgana in BBC series Merlin, disrobed in the same episode and showed her butt too.

The German-South African co-production which follows two women’s search for the Holy Grail, has already aired in Canada, Korea, Poland and Portugal and is set to air in the UK and Germany early in 2013. A spanking for Brown-Findlay? That really would be the Holy Grail.

Downton Abbey Jessica Brown Findlay on Lady Sybil (2) has all the nude clips from the first episode of Labyrinth here.  Or download Jessica Brown-Findlay’s scene here

Brit Bot of the Week

It’s a collective award this week to…the female students of Cambridge university!

Their predecessors have amassed dozens of Nobel prizes and other intellectual accolades, but the current crop of undergraduates at Cambridge is focusing on a rather less taxing competition – Rear of the Year!

Female students at the university have submitted photographs of their behinds to The Tab website in the hope of clinching the title. They insist it is innocent fun but critics have accused them of harming the feminist cause and the university’s reputation.

The Tab

Today The Tab featured Leila on its home page sporting see-through white pants with a beige trim.

While other students are using the university library to revise for their impending exams,  Meredith stripped down to her underwear to be pictured taking a book from a shelf.


Blonde entrant Elizabeth from Homerton College wore see-through purple knickers.


Bella, who poses in frilly knickers and stilettos with her long hair tumbling down over a tight-fitting jumper, said: ‘The trick to looking good in knickers is to wear high heels.’


The Tab’s editor Joe Bates, 20, who is reading music at Gonville and Caius College, defended the contest as a ‘bit of fun’ and said that a similar competition for men destroyed accusations of anti-feminism.

Brit Bot of the Week


Camilla Luddington in William And Kate

Back by popular demand! Well at least one person, namely Joe, left a comment at the weekend saying that he was missing my Brit Bot posts. And then on Sunday night Camilla Luddington appeared nude in series 5 of Californication displaying quite possibly some of the finest Brit Bottage since Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones. No idea when this episode, in which she plays a sexy English nanny with a taste for skinny-dipping, will be shown in the UK but you can see more screen grabs here.

Coincidentally, Camilla Luddington is best known for playing Kate Middleton – a former Brit Bot of the Week herself – in William and Kate a US TV drama about the royal couple.