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Esme Bianco - Game of ThronesShe was seen nude in the first episode of the HBO fantasy saga Game of Thrones, but Esme Bianco has some even more interesting previous acting experience.

The burlesque artist once made an arthouse spanking video!

In the short 2010 movie by Ruth Hogben, Esme spanks her friend Valeria with a variety of implements.

You can tell it’s art because it’s in black and white and slow motion…otherwise it would be porn…obviously.

esme bianco game of thrones esme bianco game of thrones1

Called Buttocks by most websites, the correct title of the film is actually English. explains why:

To open the second week of our latest season of fashion film, our fashion body takes a distinctly sexual turn with filmmaker Ruth Hogben’s ‘English’ – a visual quest, it seems, to redefine our contemporary callipygian ideal. In layman’s terms?

Hogben’s film focusses on the buttocks, with the Rubenesque forms of two voluptuous Burlesque artistes her titillating anatomical subjects.

esmebianco 002

And as for that title, it’s plucked from the fact that flagellation in all its forms was dubbed ‘the English vice’, with many a Victorian pornographic pamphlet to attest to the nation’s latent lust for a lashing. Why wasn’t this outlawed in a time of rampant Protestant puritanism? Outwardly prim and proper aristocrats and judges were too fond of spanking to give up the naughty habit!

There’s nothing latent about Esme Bianco’s lust for a lashing that’s for sure. She also popped up in some photos promoting a designer spanking paddle.

There was another British bottom on display in the first episode of Game of Thrones. Petite Emilia Clarke plays the last Targaryen princess, Daenerys, after replacing Tamzin Merchant who dropped out for unknown reasons. Dany is described as small of stature and very beautiful with silver hair, purple eyes…

…and a behind which “redefines the contemporary callipygian ideal” all on its own!

emilia clarke game of thrones1 emilia clarke game of thrones
emilia clarke game of thrones2 emilia clarke game of thrones3

So this week’s poll question is: what does HBO actually stand for?

The poll is now closed. See the poll results here.

Before her surprise appointment in GOT, Emilia Clarke had only appeared in one professional production – a single 2009 episode of the soap opera Doctors. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the same treatment that Tracey Childs received in this show.


Update 2012: In Season Two of Game of Thrones we were treated to a spanking scene.

game of thrones spanking game of thrones spanking1

In the episode Garden of Bones, cruel Joffrey finds two prostitutes in his chambers (an unnamed woman and Ros). The teenage king orders the pair to make out with each other, but when he realizes that his uncle Tyrion sent them, he commands Ros to spank the other woman. We get to see some hand spanking before a belt is suggested by Joffrey.

The scene progresses into ever more cruel forms of sexual sadism as Ros is forced to whip her companion and then beat her bloody with a stag-horned scepter, while Joffrey aims a crossbow at them both. Joffrey is getting back at Tyrion because he stopped him from beating up his betrothed, Sansa Stark, in a previous scene.

Chross has posted a number of download options to view the earlier parts of the scene here.

The scene with Sansa is in the Song of Fire and Ice series of books by George R.R. Martin on which Game of Thrones is based, but the follow up with the prostitutes is not.

According to this commentator:

In the book, that scene with Sansa was particularly disturbing because Joffrey had her stripped naked, but obviously, the HBO wouldn’t show 16-year-old actress Sophie Turner sans garments. So how did the writers portray Joffrey’s cruelty? They one-upped the book in a spectacular manner.

She adds:

Producers everywhere: If a woman plays a prostitute and is naked throughout an entire scene, her character deserves a name, damnit!

The unnamed prostitute is played by Maisie Dee whose previous credits include a stint as a spanking model for On her first day of filming she was given a trailer with the label ‘Nubile Whore’ written on it! Maisie has written a great blog post about her experiences working on the show, and it’s a story that ends happily too because her character eventually did come to get a name. Read the full story here.

10 thoughts on “Game of Thrones”

  1. Mhm I’ve read most of the very complicated “A song of ice and fire” series – which is great, but very complicated. This series is probably based on it. I think I stopped reading after the sixth book. I dont’ remember a spanking scene – which does not necessarily mean there isn’t one (but then, my memory for such things is usually quite good).


  2. There’s a “spanking” in the second book, but it’s god-awful. It involves the young Stark girl, Sansa, and she is ruthlessly beaten and then “spanked” with a sword on the backs of her legs and backside until she bled. Not a nice book to read for this kind of material. Plus, thankfully the girls in the show are older than those in the book. Daenerys is like… 13-14 in the book. 😦

  3. Thanks since I wrote this post I’ve found all the spanking references in Game of Thrones. You’re right that they’re not up to much but on the plus side since spanking is a recurring motif in the book perhaps the second series will reflect that, and hopefully in a more interesting way than any of these book extracts:

    ARYA page 49
    The one with the broken nose still thought it was funny. “You girls put away them rocks and sticks before you get spanked. None of you knows what end of a sword to hold.”

    ARYA p251
    Arya stood in the shadows of the stairwell and watched him. She crept back down to the cellars without saying a word. When Weese found that she hadn’t asked about the clothes, he yanked down her breeches and caned her.

    SANSA pg261

    When she doubled over, the knight grabbed her hair and drew his sword, and for one hideous instant she was certain he meant to open her throat. As he laid the flat of the blade across her thighs, she thought her legs might break from the force of the blow. Sansa screamed. Tears welled in her eyes. It will be over soon. She soon lost count of the blows.

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