Reader’s Top Tens – Martyn

This Top Ten was sent to me by Martyn. I’m sure you’ll be fascinated by the reasons behind his personal selections, and probably identify with some of the evocative memories that he associates with his favourite mainstream spankings. There’s also some great additional trivia a “mystery” scene, and a bit of a surprise at Number One!

Don’t forget that, to keep this thread running, you need to send me your top ten too. You don’t have to be a “personality” or a regular blog commentator. It’s open to anyone.

10. The Cherrypicker (1972)

Not the greatest spanking I’ve ever seen but it’s Lulu’s bottom on the receiving end and I’ve always thought she has a very spankable bottom.

Unfortunately, this clip doesn’t seem to be freely available on the internet at the time of writing.

lulu 006

Cherry Cheeks?

9. Battle of the Villa Fiorita (1965)

I saw this as an eleven year old and was completely in love with the delectable Olivia Hussey, the only thing that could have made me any happier, was if she got spanked in the movie – and then she did! Yes for once in my life, a wish was granted and over the knee she went, dress up and a sound spanking administered to her pantie-covered bottom. Later her step sister (to be) asked to see how red her bottom is, and takes a peek! All very erotic for an eleven year old I can tell you!

I suppose you could say Olivia Hussey was the Emma Watson of the 1960s. When she was fifteen, she filmed a nude scene in Franco Zefferelli’s Romeo and Juliet, which she was then deemed too young to watch!


Olivia (Brazen) Hussey

8. La Madriguera (AKA The Honeycomb 1969)

Geraldine Chaplin and Per Oscarsson indulge in a bit of role playing which results in the ‘schoolgirl’ Geraldine going across the knee for a skirt raised, ruler spanking across her tight knickers.

Chross posted this clip recently, and it was also mentioned in my Kenneth Tynan post.

7. The Girl Who Couldn’t Quite (1950)

Elizabeth Hensen plays a spoilt brat of a young woman who meets her match in a tramp played by Bill Owen (probably why he got the part of Compo in Last of the Summer Wine ) Brattish behaviour is rewarded in the time honoured way and Elizabeth’s shapely rump takes quite a tanning!

Bill Owen

“Ah yes, I remember that shapely rump!”

You can watch this on Paul H666’s blog here. Last of the Summer Wine is a long running British comedy show in which Bill Owen played a lovable tramp until his death in 1999.

6. The Bay Boy (1984)

Set in the thirties, a father keeps strict discipline in his house, when he finds one of his daughters in what he deems a compromising situation he deals with it dramatically. The girl, played by Jane McKinnon, is
ordered over the kitchen table and then told to lower her knickers for a brutal application of his belt to her bare bottom (unseen). A very well observed scene of parental discipline from an age gone by – even though
the girl was at least seventeen, she still had to abide by the father’s rules and the failure to do this was both humiliating and very painful.

Watch it here

5. Testament of Youth (British mini series 1978)

Cheryl Campbell, who played Vera Brittain, argued with her father about some political point – something you didn’t do back in 1914 apparently – she was sent to bed and later her mother was dispatched to her bedroom to drive this point home by administering a sound spanking, while the family maid listened at the door giggling. The rather comical thing about this, was Cheryl was 30 years old at the time! I remember listening to Terry Wogan the next day and he said something along the lines of “the spanking in Testament of Youth was what made British television the best in the world!”

toy 001

I’ve never seen this and it doesn’t seem to be on any internet lists of movie spankings. The full series is on Youtube but the spanking is missing. Martyn thinks that it may have been censored from the box set by busybodies at the BBC. If anyone knows anything about it please leave a comment below.

4. Cutting it Short (Postriziny 1980)

A film from the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia as it was then. The beautiful Magda Vásáryová upsets her long suffering husband by having her long blonde hair cut short. She is rather ceremoniously bent over his
bicycle, her skirt is lifted and then her bottom is spanked with a rubber tube from his pump. This is played out in front of an appreciative audience of brewery workers. Magda is unconcerned and lowers her knickers for her husband to take a look at his handiwork! All in all I think she rather enjoyed the experience.

You can watch this much-loved scene here.

3. By The Sword Divided (British mini series Episode – Gather ye Rosebuds 1983)

The lovely Lucy Aston (one time wife of Martin Clunes) plays the defiant daughter who refuses to marry her father’s choice of suitor and in turn is prepared to take her punishment. Her father arrives at her bedroom cane in hand, while her mother and brother try to talk him out of it. Luckily they fail and we all get to see Lucy dressed only in her nightgown bend over the end of her bed and impudently push her bottom out for her father to give her a resounding 12 of the best. Great stuff!

See Martin Clunes’ former wife behaving badly here.

2. The Roots Of Heaven (1958)

Madame Orsini played by Jacqueline Fogt is a middle-aged woman who likes to kill elephants. She is quite rightly spanked on her bare bottom in front of a hundred or so party guests. Great build up and a fantastic
climax – truly the most humiliating spanking since Maureen O’Hara in McKlintock, only this is most definitely punishment- time for a remake of this superb film – but who would play Madame Orsini?

roh 01

There’s been much debate about the identity of the actress that gets spanked but general agreement about the quality of this scene.

1. The Congress Dances

This 1931 film doesn’t actually have a spanking in it – but wow! Set in Germany in the 1800s Christel Weinzinger (Lillian Harvey) throws a bouquet of flowers containing an advertisement for her shop into the Czar’s carriage. It is mistakenly thought to be a bomb and she is arrested. She is hauled before the court. The presiding judge takes great delight in sentencing her to 20 strokes of the cane across her bare posterior. At this point Lillian’s hands instinctively grasp her own bottom as the full horror of her punishment dawns on her. The judge then specifies which size cane is to be used.

lh 003

“20 strokes of the cane across your bare bottom!”

The next scene sees our damsel in distress in the punishment cell. The young man who is to punish her, looks suitably pleased at the job is about to undertake. He firmly bends her over the caning block, pulls a strap over her waist so she can’t move and then starts to raise her skirt – but with the worst timing in history the Czar turns up and reprieves her – blast it!

A bold decision to go with a spanking that doesn’t actually happen at number one. I have to agree that, undimmed by age and poor picture quality, The Congress Dances fairly crackles with enough spanko-electric energy to power the National Grid! As you will see here.

Thanks Martyn 🙂

Remember to keep those Top Tens coming in!

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10 thoughts on “Reader’s Top Tens – Martyn”

  1. Someone has emailed a comment that I thought was worth adding here:

    Wow! What a great Top 10.
    I hope you get more lists as intelligent as this one.
    And I agree: the number 1 was a daring choice, but the scene is great!

  2. Stop Press: Thanks to Chross. He’s posted “The Cherry Picker” clip!!: 🙂

    and Martyn has added some more thoughts about it:

    “I hope Chross does remember to find the clip of The Cherry Picker. Not that it’s any great shakes as spankings go – she even has the protection of of her raincoat but I think it might be unique in so far as, its the only spanking I can recall being administered in the rain?

    I have to say that Lulu seems to have become more spankable in the last 10 years or so. A few years ago a cameraman caught her spitting her gum out in the street and she quite rightly got a load of flak for it – certainly must warrant a few spanks of the tawse on her unprotected rear, either in the rain or sunshine!”

  3. I’ve just now been thinking about the Testament of Youth issue and I think I can clear up why the scene is not in the DVD boxset: because it was never in the program to begin with. The scene Martyn describes actually belongs to a different and slightly later, but quite similar BBC serial entitled Fame is the Spur (1982). It’s an adaptation of a political novel by Howard Spring which features a spanking scene, and the scene is faithfully dramatized in the television version. The ‘teenage’ daughter was played by Joanna David, who was indeed in her mid-30s at the time, and the spanking was administered by her mother OTK with a hairbrush. I thought the staging of it was rather static, but then it wasn’t meant to be an enjoyable shrew-taming type of spanking where we take the spanker’s side in the disagreement.

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