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Harlots Trailer

Harlots is set in an 18th century brothel or “boarding house for young ladies” and follows the lives of the sex workers and their patron. Featuring Jessica Brown Findlay, formerly Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey and a former Brit Bot of the Week, the show follows Charlotte Wells as she works as one of London’s high-end courtesans. The trailer has just dropped and there’s a birching scene but it’s not too clear about the orientation (F/M or M/F?). I’m looking forward to watching this upcoming series anyway.

This earlier Spank Statement about Georgian London gives more background on this rich period for our kink.

The Golden Rules

Ernest Greene canes Nina Hartley1 

Ernest Greene canes Nina Hartley

The Golden Rules of Porn used lots of cheesy old clips from the ‘Golden Age’ of porn (before the internet) to illustrate the various conventions and tropes of the genre. By far the most interesting clip though was filmed for the show and inserted during a section on sex toys and props.


Two experienced sexperts Ernest Greene and his porn actress wife Nina Hartley put on a brief caning demonstration. Hartley says that “when she got into the adult business, she was blessed with two popular fetish items: big, baby-blue eyes and that round butt with a high, small waist, with her buttocks becoming her trademark.'”

Fame Is The Spur

Howard Spring’s novel was made into a TV drama in 1982, but it first appeared on my radar when I saw it on a list of fictional spankings which Murray Roberts compiled for Janus. Murray wrote simply that:

A mother turns her teenage daughter over her knee bares her bottom, and spanks her.

I bought a paperback copy of the book and remember the anticipation of watching it on TV and praying that they would include the spanking scene. (There had already been a black and white film which left it out.)

Ann Artingsall, played by Joanna David, is a rebellious suffragette whose mother uses a hairbrush to spank her across the bed. It’s not bare bottom like the book but, as domestic F/F scenes go, this is about as realistic as you’re likely to see.

Ann keeps her face buried in the bed sheets and makes no sound either. Perhaps she has good reason for keeping quiet. She wouldn’t want the servants to overhear her cries would she? But a nosy maid is listening outside the door who will no doubt make sure that she tells everyone.

Martyn liked this scene enough to include it in his Top Ten but he thought it came from another costume drama called Testament of Youth. Harry was the first to spot that Martyn’s description matches the spanking in Fame is the Spur (see comments to this post).

Since the clip begins rather abruptly and you don’t see Joanna David’s face I’ve added a little gallery of pictures.

1. On the cover of the book.
2. Ann Artingsall
3. Lady Yeovil in Downton Abbey
4. Being interviewed for TV with daughter Emilia Fox at the Chelsea Flower Show last month


To celebrate the start of the World Cup let’s take a look at one of the best of the many Brazilian spanking scenes in recent years. It’s from episode 18 of the telenovela Morde & Assopra first shown in April 2011.

Harry found this good quality still of lovely Latin beauty Vanessa Giacomo receiving her “palmadas”.

Morde & Assopra ep 18 Vanessa Giacomo 9 April 2011

The second video clip gives us more insight into the attitudes to women that exist in Brazilian society and TV. It’s pranking not spanking but it’s a lot of fun and includes an “Oscar winning burning bum performance!”

Hot Cockles

A clip from a new documentary about art during the Rococo period. Contains M/F, M/M, and F/M. There seems to be a continuity error because the first lady to get spanked bends over the knee of one of the men but in the close up she has her head on the other lady’s lap.  See an HQ version here. (Don’t know if this works outside UK).

The use of actors to recreate scenes from 18th Century French art did not stretch to nudes unfortunately. When it came to the infamous painting of Louise O’Murphy by Francois Boucher (which used to be used as the header to this blog) the presenter, Waldemar Janusczak, did it himself! Fully clothed thankfully!

Politically correct Boucher

Don’t worry I won’t be using this as my next header!


Illustration of the game ‘Hot-Cockles’ from the 1801 book Sports and Pastimes.

56210181 Hot cockles:  Engraving from Fernand Roybet (1840-1920).

Heidi, Spencer and Lacey

Two nice little clips from Celebrity Big Brother showing tender moments between a rather sexually frustrated Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt.

I’ve had this bikini picture of Heidi for a long time and at last I’ve got a good excuse to use it. It must be the mother of all “Assume the position” shots.

Heidi Montag2

Also in the house this year is the model Lacey Banghard who was once spanked in FHM as shown in this post. I’m making Lacey the Brit Bot of the Week because it’s been hard to avoid for most of the last 7 days!

laceybanghard2 laceybanghard3