New Panties, Please

I forget the name of the player who wore these knickers with a cheeky message at Wimbledon in the 1970s. You can see she’s only on one of the smallest outside courts though.

I suspect that Venus Williams won’t take the “no panties” look onto centre court this year either, but it would be great if she did, and even better if Maria Sharapova followed suit!

Talking of Maria Sharapova, she’s one of the stars of The Sun’s gallery of “Top 10 best tennis bottoms” which you can check out here.

If that doesn’t get you in the mood for watching IT at Wimbledon, then maybe this “consumer test” for women’s tennis pants will do the trick.

7 thoughts on “New Panties, Please”

  1. It’s Bettyann Stuart at Wimbledon in 1979. The story goes that they were actually a pair of her regular panties which got into her tennis bag by mistake. When she came to change for the match, she found she had no sports panties with her, so she had to wear the ‘Watch It’ pair. Naively, she believed nobody would notice the message… after all, it would be covered up by her tennis skirt, wouldn’t it?

  2. Looks like Venus is also wearing a thong under those panties that seem to be very thin. Imagine how a paddle would sting through them!
    The Williams sisters both like wearing outfits on court that call attention to their bottoms, whether Venus’s panties or those supertight short-shorts Serena favors.

  3. The Sun is as dumb as ever – how can you have a top ten of tennis girls’ bottoms without Martina Hingis’ wonderful and often displayed rear-end?

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