From Papas Spanking to Movie Star in 6 Jumps


From papas spanking to movie star in 6 jumps

I love the simple but classy linework in this strip the like of which you just don’t see these days. It would be nice to know the name of the artist but I can’t make out the signature. I think it’s Lee something.

It’s a complete little story which just happens to contain a spanking which is always better than a spanking panel in isolation. Another plus point is that we get to see Lilian in an usherette uniform (looking very like an air stewardess too).

The caption writer/artist has gone out of his way to avoid any words that might sound violent or offensive. The father “administers a rebuke to daughter Lilian in the old-fashioned way and on the customary part of her anatomy”.

My only criticism is that the story could have gone on a bit longer. Surely Lilian ended up across the knee of that creepy director too! And knowing Lilian’s luck, after a promising start, her career probably nose-dived and she found herself living back at home. A final panel showing Lilian across Papa’s knee once again would have been a perfect ending with the moral of the story being:

“Be careful who you rebuke on the way up because you’ll probably have to rebuke them again on the way down!”

Many thanks to Sweetspot for sending me this little treasure. There’s more to come from his archives soon.

3 thoughts on “From Papas Spanking to Movie Star in 6 Jumps”

    1. Yes 17 March, 1929 to be precise. Sweetspot has dates for all his pictures which he found in the original source not on a spanking site, tumbler, etc. I’ll make sure I include them in the future posts.

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