Impetuous Marie and Reckless Karen


A classic image presented here in superior quality thanks to Sweetspot.

Rather like the vampire spanking in the previous post the unknown artist uses contrasting areas of bright light and deep shade to provide dramatic impact. The light source is a bedside lamp which appears about to topple over in the commotion.

From Impetuous Marie to Reckless Karen…


I’ve added Sweetspot’s  precise dates on the image files.

2 thoughts on “Impetuous Marie and Reckless Karen”

  1. A good presentation, on your part, of two nice newspaper drawings from the first half of the twentieth-century. I can think of several examples of lamps taking abuse, in mainstream publication illustrations, while a spanking is taking place nearby.

    1. Ha! Yes I know the last picture in the bobbysoxer post has a flying lamp and I bet there are others. You get lots of flying shoes too of course although in this case her shoe is hanging in there – just!

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