Blushing-bottomed brides

Around the time of her wedding, a young bride-to-be’s bottom is highly at risk. Everybody seems to want a piece of it. It might be the last chance some folks will ever get to give that naughty little girl, who they’ve watched grow up into a beautiful woman, a jolly good paddling. And her nuptials are the perfect excuse for friends and family to get in a few swats on those nubile buttocks, before they are “given away”.

Perhaps some old scores are being settled at the same time? Maybe it’s a natural outlet that has developed for the normally suppressed spanko urge. One things for sure, there’s many a blushing bride who’s wedding celebrations have given her more than just a red face.

The ceremonial bridal bottom-warming usually begins at her bacholerette party or hen-night. This bride-to-be is so humiliated by her public punishment, she’s making sure her face stays well out of view of the camera. (click to enlarge)

bbb 01

Then, we move on to the big day itself. Before the ceremony, preparations might well involve a wedding-day spanking. Or perhaps this bride was getting married on her birthday?

bbb 02

Either way, how long will it be before these bridesmaids become spanked-brides themselves?

You might think that the wedding ceremony itself would be a spank-free zone. But you’d be wrong. This amusing picture, which appears to be genuine, deserves a caption competition. This is certainly one bride who is taking the ‘obey’ part of her vows very seriously.

bbb 04

And when it comes to the reception, well, all I can say to anyone about to get married is: remember to get some arnica cream!

bbb 05

Because if the best man doesn’t get you…

bbb 06

…then the your own friends will.

bbb 09

Or even your father, exerting his parental rights of discipline – for one last time. This is Elizabeth Taylor being spanked by Spencer Tracy in a publicity still-only spanking for the movie Father of the Bride.

bbb 08

But why stop at the bride, when there’s so many highly spankable bridesmaids flirting around just asking to be taken OTK. Shame to waste such a great opportunity.

And we haven’t even got as far as what goes on behind close doors on the wedding night.

6 thoughts on “Blushing-bottomed brides”

  1. Another amusing and well-written piece Valdor.

    Apparently it was the custom that the father of a Russian bride would, after the wedding ceremony, present the groom with a shoe or slipper. This act symbolised the handing over of the responibility to discipline the young woman from father to husband.

    1. Thankyou Richie Jay, give me a little while, and I`ll type it up. Hope it is good for you. watch this space. l.x

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