The Glory of Guida

gg 05gg 07

As an appetiser for a video clip that I’ve uploaded, here’s some pictures of its’ star Gloria Guida.

She is an Italian model and actress, who appeared in a number of soft porn films in the 1970s.

gg 06

This picture would be a good one for a caption competition. Her bottom is clearly a work of art anyway.

The clip comes from Scandalo im Famiglia, a rare 1976 sex comedy. An uncle scolds his niece over a sexual escapade. When she will not listen, he turns her over, flips up her skirt and spanks her bottom.

The scene is notable for the girl’s reaction, which is not what the uncle expected at all. It’s also a must for white pantie fanatics.

gg 01

I’ll post it tomorrow, so stay tuned to see this delectable bottom spanked.

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One thought on “The Glory of Guida”

  1. man, these photos are do you find all these gems? yes def. have a caption competition with that one…..that would be fab.

    blog on,

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