Mischa Barton’s Bare Bottom Humiliation

It’s the 61st International Film Festival at Cannes,

and one of the highlights has been the premiere of lesbian drama You and I starring Mischa Barton.

The movie sees the former O.C. star playing one of two teenage girls who fall in love after they meet at a concert by Russian pop duo TaTu.

The plotline describes how they “are swept into a dangerous world of obsession, drug abuse and murder”.

Mischa, you may recall, was shown naked from behind in last year’s Closing the Ring (below).

Mischa - Closing the Ring

The latest hot news from Cannes is that her bottom gets another airing in this film!

She plays Lana Starkova, an aspiring model who finds herself dealing with the unsavoury side of the fashion industry when she turns up for a casting. According to British director Roland Joffe:

She has a scene in a modelling agency where a man asks her to show her arse because that’s what can happen in a modelling agency.

It is humiliating and a lot of actresses would have said, ‘I don’t want my arse shown full screen thank you very much’, but Mischa knew this is what the scene was all about. She is a brave actress.

This sounds more fun than the full nudity of Closing The Ring. I hope she’s wearing a skirt and has to raise it, preferably accompanied by a little bending forward. The subsequent “full-screen” shot could then be a treat.

Her behind was also in the news earlier this month when she was papped in the harsh Australian sunlight, and the pictures showed that her rear and thighs were covered in cellulite.

cf 03

According to reports from Cannes, she has refused to attend press conferences about the film because she doesn’t think it is any good.

Could the real reason be that she is avoiding any potentially embarrassing questions about her bottom?

cf 02

No screen caps seem to be available yet, but the film is also expected to see the revival of the pop career of TaTu, who play themselves in the movie. So I’ve included a little schoolgirl lesbian posing just in case you’d forgotten what their stage act was based on.


And while we’re sunning ourselves at Cannes, let’s take a trip to the beach, where those sea breezes can catch a wary actress by surprise as Callista Flockhart found to her cost a few years ago.

cf 01

Callista Flockhart meets the press at Cannes

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6 thoughts on “Mischa Barton’s Bare Bottom Humiliation”

  1. I’m unimpressed by the “cellulite” comment, I have to say. That’s what unairbrushed bottoms look like when you’re walking. It would behove you not to humiliate celebrities for having real bodies – they’re human too. If someone posted this entry about me I’d be really hurt. As far as I can tell she has a lovely bum and nothing to be ashamed of – and even if she was fat, spiteful gossip like this really doesn’t help anyone!

  2. You must get very angry whenever you go to a newsagents or visit mainstream websites, Pandora!

    Of course cellulite is natural, and to be honest I’ve never understood the obsession that large sections of the (mainly female-oriented it has to be said) media has with it.

    I always look forward to “cellulite features” in magazines, precisely because they show un-airbrushed real bottoms, which is what I most like to see. To me they are like celebrations rather than condemnations of the female form. Wider society used to think the same (see the paintings of Rubens and countless other old masters).

    I agree that Mischa Barton has a lovely bum, (as indeed do you!). She is hauntingly beautiful, and I like to think of all my posts about famous, and not so famous women, as being fundamentally respectful, although maybe to be taken with a generous pinch of salt at times.

    If I misjudged this one, and overstepped the mark, then I apologise, and hope that you will continue to visit here,


    P.S. This is a link to the original press story, and, if it’s any consolation, many of the comments echo what you have written here.


  3. lol – I use the Daily Mail all the time. It’s the best “spanking” website on the net! In fact I’d be lost without it – half the stuff on this blog is based on articles from the Daily Mail (eg the James Bond post).

    I do accept that it’s not a great “news” site though, unless you happen to be a retired army major from Chipping Camden. Then you’d probably love it for the news and the spanking!

  4. Hi Dr Ken,

    I’ve had email enquiries about this picture too:

    One comment being:

    “I’m just vaguely aware of Mischa Barton, but – hell on wheels! – what a treat and what a surprise you gave us with Calista Flockheart!”

    I scanned it from a UK magazine. I don’t know if it’s on the net anywhere.

    Nice to hear you liked it though πŸ™‚


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