David Friedman

david friedmanFilm director David Friedman, one of the unsung heroes of screen spankings, died last month. He turned in over 50 low budget movies in his long career which began with “nudie cuties” in the 1950s. He soon moved on to sexploitation which offered titillation with a more violent edge, often horror or crime related.

He once called his own work “disgusting garbage” but he deserves some credit for keeping the spankings coming during the lean years from the mid 1960s to the 1970s when Hollywood had ceased awarding red bottoms to it’s leading ladies.

Friedman’s simple but winning formula was: “At least one straight scene, one lesbian scene, and one spanking scene. Something for everyone.”

It was only when reading this blog post, which has a large selection of posters, trailers and full films spanning his career, that I realised just how many of Friedman’s titles are familiar to us. I’ve listed them below with links which are mostly from Chross’ movie database. (There’s almost certainly more spanking scenes in Friedman’s oeuvre judging from some of the posters.)

  1. The Defilers (1965)
  2. Thar She Blows (1968) Steve Vincent spanks Shari Mann on a boat.
  3. Starlet (1969) – This has another bare bottom otk spanking for Shari Mann. (There’s also a second scene in which she gets whipped in stocks.)
  4. The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood (1969) (bryininberlin’s blog post has this clip)
  5. Love Camp 7 (1969) – I couldn’t find a link for this intense belt whipping scene but the Spanking Blog has some stills.
  6. The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried (1971)
  7. Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS (1974) – This may be just a publicity still but I think it comes from this movie. It’s a good example of a “nazisploitation” spanking anyway – a genre that Friedman more or less invented.

friedman 001

With the advent of hard-core porn in the mid 1970s, Friedman began to slow down his output. He would not allow actual intercourse to be shown on screen, and his motto “Sell the sizzle not the steak” was starting to look dated.

He died on February 14th 2011 in Anniston, Alabama, at the age of 87.

As a further tribute, I’ve uploaded a nice follow up to the first scene in Starlet. Shari Mann is nursing her sore bottom and mentions it to her flat-mate. She’s clearly expecting some sympathy but instead her flat-mate teases her and takes the side of the guy who spanked her! The acting might be wooden but there’s something undeniably erotic about two half-naked women in a bedroom having a little chat about spanking.

Watch my Starlet bonus clip here.

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