Spanking! I’m all for spanking!

The cast perform a song from the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Stephen Ward. This could be more interesting when it is actually staged of course as the scenario is a swinger’s party at which the guests pair off and play a spanking game. The show is based on a book and lyrics by Christopher Hampton who has some previous form. He wrote the play on which A Dangerous Method was based.

Charlotte Spencer (left) and Charlotte Blackledge (right) play vice girls Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, respectively, in the show which is set in 1960s London. The quote below is from an interview that the pair gave to The Guardian.

Stephen Ward musical

…the show is funny. It’s dangerous. It’s quite exciting.” Blackledge interjects: “It’s cheeky.” Spencer laughs and shoots back: “Actually, literally.”

Update:  Rehearsing their technique? Christine and Mandy have some fun during a scene in Stephen Ward’s flat.

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One thought on “Spanking! I’m all for spanking!”

  1. ‘Never had it so good….’ I never had much of it at all in those days! Always wanted to go to one of those raunchy Keeler parties though.

    Looks like an entertaining bit of theatre there, but the naughty frisson of the zeitgeist will be utterly lost on today’s young whipper-snappers who freely cast off their gear and bend over gym horses before an audience of hundreds at not-so ‘private’ parties. Ah well…….

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