TV Sports Presenters in Non-Nazi Lesbian Beach Spanking Party Shame

In the latest development in the Max Mosley saga, a judge has ruled that a YouTube video of the Formula One boss spanking and being spanked by prostitutes should not be banned.

This can surely only be of any interest to a few 5-year olds who haven’t already seen it. But amongst all the controversy and lurid headlines, at least one important point has been established, and largely agreed upon. If this had been an ordinary 5 hour sado-masochistic orgy with hookers in a London dungeon, it would have been perfectly ok!

It was the Nazi element which people were repulsed by, and led to calls for the son of wartime fascist leader Oswald Mosley to resign his post as Formula One supremo.

It’s no wonder then that The News of the World were at pains to substantiate their Nazi claims in a follow-up interview with one of the girls hired to take part in the session.

The interview goes into quite a bit of practical detail about how the arrangements were made, and what Mosley demanded:

Mistress Switch said she herself would be wielding the cane on Max, flogging him with full force 15 times after strapping him to a bench. It was all carefully worked out beforehand. Max had given Mistress Switch £2,500 to sort out the whole scenario and she briefed us all on his requirements.

A client never hands out that sort of cash without saying EXACTLY what he expects. He doesn’t just say, ‘Look, there’s a bundle of cash, just do what you fancy.’

“And Max certainly didn’t say, ‘Tickle my bum with a feather and sing me to sleep to the strains of Mary Had a Little Lamb!’

np 04

“I know, let’s play the Mosley Game”

np 02These days getting the name of a famous person and the word ‘spanking’ into a headline doesn’t seem to have sufficient shock factor. Add ‘nazi’ and ‘hookers’ into the mix however, and you’re starting to look at some big sales figures.

But Mosley has so far wethered the storm, and public outrage seems to be gradually dissolving into public ridicule and amusement. It’s got to be the biggest spanking news story of 2008, and thousands of “non-kinky” people have been viewing a consensual S&M session on their computers.

np 01A good opportunity I would imagine for many to “sound out” their partner’s attitude to the subject.

Young attractive TV personalities such as Di Stewart (left) and Natalie Pinkham (above right) must have watched it too – as part of their jobs as sports presenters with FIVE and Sky Sports News respectively.

They are good friends and like going on holiday together. If this is what they get up to on the beach, goodness knows what goes on behind closed doors:

np 06

“You must haf more of ze punishment!!”

Perhaps the News of the World should investigate.

6 thoughts on “TV Sports Presenters in Non-Nazi Lesbian Beach Spanking Party Shame”

  1. Assiduous students of social theory will be sure to note that yet again in this case, the brunette is spanking the blonde. For three marks, indicate which statement carries the greatest significance in this context:

    A. This evidence proves the old chestnut that “blondes have more fun”.
    B. So much for Nazi theories of blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan-race supremacy.
    C. This demonstrates that there is “one formula” guaranteed to get attention, whether you’re a full-blown backroom pseudo-Nazi, or just a couple of chick walking on the beach.

  2. This reminds me of a WWll drama I once saw in which Hitler threatened to put (brunette) Eva Braun across his knee. I’m not sure what having him cast as a spanko does for the cause, but maybe he had a few theories about blonde-haired, blue-eyed, RED-BOTTOMED Aryans.

    But if your point about brunettes always spanking blondes holds true, where does that leave red-heads?

  3. Ah yes, redheads. Well, you see, according to Gaussian theory, a “red” head naturally equates to a “red” bottom. Therefore in the case of a red headed woman it’s quite appropriate for her to be spanked by either a brunette OR a blonde, or for that matter, even by another redhead. So, as you see, redheads are at the top of the hierarchy of “most-spankable” or, as seem from another vantage point, at the bottom of the pecking order, as “most spanked”; although in some cases the fiery personality that goes with the red hair color may also lead a woman to take the role of spanker. So in truth, the redhead is something of a “wild card” in the Gaussian theory of the natural hierarchy of spanking. Redheads are known for not respecting rules; therefore the appropriateness of spanking them; and as a further corollary, the fact that they cannot be so satisfactorily categorized or pigeonholed as can their blonde and brunette sisters. And maybe that’s why some argue that it’s a good thing that there are so few of them (messing up perfectly good theories and whatnot).

  4. As Dave rightly points out, I think it’s become more important these days to include the adjective “non-Nazi” in all non-Nazi-related posts from now on, because otherwise, in the post-Max-Mosley era, people might naturally equate spanking and sex games with Nazi themes. I wonder if, now that these things are all out in the open, we’ll be seeing some of those high priced Nazi-costumed hookers dropping the checkered flag at motor racing events around the world. Just think of the press that would generate. Maybe it would even attract some good ‘ole boys from the States, get them to tear their eyeballs away from NASCAR races and World Wrestling Federation matches for a millisecond or two.

  5. Dave: thanks, you come up with some great titles for posts yourself. 🙂

    Karl: lol – somehow I just knew that red-heads would be bottom of the spanking order!

    And talking of there not being many about, I heard that scientists have predicted that they will die out completely before the end of the century.

    So anyone who has yet to experience the delights of making a red-head’s pale-skinned bottom go the same colour as her hair had better get a move on.

    I think I might do a post on this subject some time.

    A non-nazi post that is.

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