House Bunny Calendar Girls Featurette

How about this for a spankable line-up from last summer’s hit comedy House Bunny? Which one would you pick to go across your knee?

hb 003

Anna Faris (second from left) stars as a former Playboy bunny who signs up to be house mother for a sorority of nerdy misfits. She turns them around and teaches them everything they need to know to surpass the other sororities on campus.

Movie-goers harbouring secret hopes of sorority paddlings were disappointed, but there was some consolation when Anna Faris appeared wearing nothing but a towel on her head!

af 002

It may be a body double but it’s a nice enough bottom anyway.

There were also some interesting work-out scenes as Anna puts the girls through their paces, and a dance routine which even had a bit of butt bongo.

hb 013

Other stars include Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer Willis and Emma Stone playing a geeky virgin who is the leader of the Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority.

es 002

Emma Stone: red hair + glasses = geek

At one point in the film, Anna gets the girls to raise some money by doing a pin-up calendar. The results are nice if a little bit tame.

calendar 001

But on the DVD there’s a “Calendar Girls” featurette which shows the photo shoots complete with interviews and behind the scenes footage. It includes a more interesting shoot which didn’t make it into the film. Probably because it was a little TOO interesting!

hb 00003

I don’t know if she was your “pick” but yes, that’s Emma Stone being spanked otk by her teacher for bad grades! You might have guessed that it would be the redhead who gets it. It usually is!

hb 00007

It’s not too difficult to see the influence of some classic spanking iconography here. The National Lampoon cover springs to mind, especially the use of the offending paper as a prop.

lampoon 001

The camera angle though is similar to the famous Father’s Day issue of Panorama magazine. (Which in turn was probably based on the 1960s Chase & Samborn coffee advert.)

hb 01010cs 001

Intriguingly, while the Father’s Day spanking is bare bottom and the Chase & Samborn ad clearly isn’t, the House Bunny shots leave us guessing! It’s the teacher’s jacket that makes the crucial difference.

hb 00008

But we do get a lingering close up of Emma as she assumes the position. She tries to look as if she’s enjoying it, but she also seems a little embarrassed.

hb 00005

Thanks to JS666 for tipping me off about this. There’s another shoot with Rumer Willis wearing a dunce’s cap and very little else – again loosely based on classic fetish photography. The version used in the film has her sitting on the stool, but in the featurette she is shown bending over the stool!

rumer willis 001dc 001

You will of course want to enjoy the full House Bunny Calendar Girls featurette for yourself here.

es 001

Emma Stone (described by JS as a healthy version of Lindsay Lohan) at the House Bunny premiere.

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13 thoughts on “House Bunny Calendar Girls Featurette”

  1. Which one would I pick to turn over my knee? Anna Faris, of course. I’ve always enjoyed her comedic turns in various films.
    If I remember correctly, in that bare-bottom scene there are several shots of her turning her head to talk the girls, so I think there probably is no body-double involved–which just reinforces my decision to pick her for a spanking. 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  2. I would actually go for Kat Dennnings (far left of line up). I don’t know anything about her, but she reminds me of Dolly Parton in the video clip!

  3. I remember that national Lampoon cover! I don’t recall if I actually owned the magazine or if it was one of 3 years’ worth of issues loaned to me for summer reading by a neighbour. Yummy!


  4. Sounds like you sure had some friendly neighbours, Hermione! Just happening upon that National Lampoon issue must rank as the ultimate spanko “startle”. What a classic! One of my all time favourite images – it would be great to see a proper recreation photo of it using a spanking model. Complete with slide rule of course!! (yes, I’m old enough to remember them!)

  5. Valdor – So am I. We used them in first year chemistry and physics at university, and I could NEVER figure out how they worked, so ended up doing the math in longhand. No calculators were on the scene yet, only adding machines!

    Yes, a wooden slide rule would be great for spanking.


  6. I still have a couple of slide rules (wooden and plastic).

    Hermonie – I’d be willing to show you how to use one “from the bottom up” (‘yours’ of course).



  7. My eye fell immediately on second-from-right Emma, who looks very much dressed for trouble in that top picture…

  8. Nice to hear it from the horse’s mouth as it were. I guess that removes any lingering doubt about that suspicious looking towel.

    The picture is certainly popular according to the stats.

  9. Gawd, there is way too much delicious eye candy in this post….love those daisy dukes 2nd. from right…

    And really digging the screenshots you found on the DVD. Sweetness.


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