Spanking New Links

I’ve removed a few deleted or rarely updated blogs from the blogroll. A warm welcome to the following sites that have been added:

Cu-Cu Stylish erotic photography – not a spanking site but one which all spank-minded folk will love.

Don’t Miss: the frequent updates!

Yeowch! Entertaining and irreverent mix of pics, stories and musings by English blogger Ian.

Don’t Miss: “Her Right Honourable Bottom” a post about Member of Parliament Caroline Flint.

cf 001

Photino Old-fashioned corporal punishment in stories and pictures.

Don’t Miss: Very realistic hand strapping pic.

Spank Oz Adult spanking for pleasure…or otherwise.

Don’t Miss: Recent post about Diana Rigg and The Avengers.

Marqe’s Study Spanking imagery without crudity, just ladies being given firm & fair correction! Highly promising new UK blogger.

Don’t Miss: Interesting piece about the relationship between spanking and the tango!

My Spanking Blog Vids and stuff.

Don’t Miss: “Let the spanking begin” – the hot sorority paddling initiation scene from porn movie Sorority Secrets.

ps 002

The following ne’er-do-wells have been sent in disgrace to the “Naughty Girls” section:

Jenni College student with a dirty secret

Caroline Grey Fetish model with a penchant for peskiness

Kami Robertson Kinky minx who wants to share her kink with other like-minded people, (when she’s been let out of the corner that is!)

kr 001

Finally, there’s an art site that’s been attracting quite a bit of attention.

JPC Gallery showcase for the drawings of JP Cors and other artwork.

Hope you enjoy visiting these sites. If you’d like your site added to The Spank Statement blogroll just drop me an email.

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4 thoughts on “Spanking New Links”

  1. Nice collection of new sites, Valdor. I hadn’t seen several of these. Thanks for drawing our attention to them.

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