Greenwich Village Spank Time

The Pat Boone interview that I posted last week was edited together from two parts. They were used to top and tail the third episode of a BBC documentary called American Dream which covered the 1960s. In between Boone’s traditional values we got an account of alternative versions of the American Dream with lots of archive footage of hippie communes, religious cults, anti-capitalist street theatre and so forth.

According to the documentary, “the conflicting visions produced a divided America”. They also produced a lot of spankings! I’ve touched on this a few times before in previous posts about the 1960s as it’s clear that Pat Boone wasn’t a one off. Behind every 60s girl-next-door with dreams of being a centrefold, or hippie chick with flowers in her hair, there was a puritanical authority figure who thought that what she really needed was flames in her bottom!

lydiawilson 003

I was reminded of this yet again when watching the C4 drama Any Human Heart. Based on a novel by William Boyd, it follows the adventures of “serial ladies-man and self-confessed dreamer” Logan Mountstuart through his long roller-coaster life which stretches through most of the 20th Century from 1906 – 1991.

In last week’s episode, Our Hero finds himself in 1960s New York where he moves in with his (deceased) son’s former girlfriend. She’s an archetypal bourgeois value rejecting, free spirited nineteen-year-old called Monday who spends her days lounging around the apartment in the nude listening to Bob Dylan records.

lydiawilson 006

Monday is played by Lydia Wilson a fresh young talent with as pert a pair of bottom cheeks as you’re likely to have seen anywhere on screen this year.

lydiawilson 004

Lingerie students will also be delighted by the realistic undies on display here. Big yellow panties and off-white greying old bra… spot on!

lydiawilson 001

Unfortunately for Mount Stuart, he discovers that she’s lied about her age and is in fact only sixteen. Fearing arrest for statutory rape, he flees the country. That’s the last we see of Lydia Wilson (real age 26), though there’s a scene in which Monday’s strict father confronts Mount Stuart and tells him to go back to England in no uncertain terms!

Monday has run away from home on the West Coast to live in Greenwich Village and jump on the beatnik bandwagon. In my version of the story there would be a scene in which the outraged father confronts his daughter too. He would make sure she returns home with him of course, but first a long session with those big yellow panties at half mast would be required.

Having completed this strenuous task, he would make the tearful rebel stand with hands on head in the corner and her now very red bottom on display. He would then take the Bob Dylan L.P. that’s on the record player, break it into little pieces, and put on something nice and tuneful by Pat Boone before sitting down to light his pipe!


While we’re on the subject of Any Human Heart, I might as well share another up and coming bot that made it’s screen debut in this drama. Holliday Grainger bared all for a sex scene in which Mount Stuart loses his virginity while a student at Oxford.

hollildaygrainger 004hollidaygrainger 007

hollidaygrainger 006hollidaygrainger 0061

Holliday Grainger in Any Human Heart

Holly (as she is sometimes known) will be in The Borgias on the Showtime channel in the US this spring, playing one of the naughtiest women in all history, Lucretia Borgia.

holllidaygrainger 002

Holliday Grainger in The Borgias

We’re pretty much guaranteed more nude scenes, but a spanking for Lucretia would be even better.

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