Hank and Cupcakes

hank and cupcakes1 hank and cupcakes7
hank and cupcakes4 hank and cupcakes5
hank and cupcakes6 hank and cupcakes2
hank and cupcakes3

Husband and wife electro-pop duo Hank and Cupcakes teamed up with photographer Merri Cyr for this promo shoot a few months back. They’ve pulled out all the stops to produce a set of exciting and dynamic OTK spanking images  with different poses and facial expressions in each one. The oven mitt adds a quirky touch.

Credit for finding these goes to Harry who says “it always surprises and pleases me to see how often ‘mainstream’ photographers get it righter than ‘specialist’ ones when it comes to things like the feet being off the ground and the girl’s eye acting.”

If you’re a fan of top quality rock n’ roll spankings check out this video from The Cramps that Chross has posted.

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