Loose Ends and Reader’s Pictures

Tying up a few loose-ends from previous posts:

The long lost spanking scene from The Cowcatcher’s Daughter has at last made it onto YouTube. You can now view probably the longest spanking in a mainstream movie EVER!.

I’ve also got another post planned later in the year on the star of this film, Marjorie Beebe, written along with a reader who also happens to be a leading authority on this actress. You won’t want to miss it.


The book Confessions of a London Spank Daddy has been published. You can read a lengthy extract by going to this page. Select the “spanking & submission” tab, and then follow the links.

It’s production-line porn and pure fiction. Great title though, and the premise – a spanking equivalent of best-selling book Belle de Jour – is an excellent one. If Secret Diary of a Call-girl (based on Belle de Jour ) can make it as a TV series, then why not this?

Incidentally, a new series of Secret Diary begins in September. After the scenes of Billie Piper whipping a client in series one, surely this time the tables will be turned.

bp 10fe7

Spanked soon?

Talking of TV dramas, Octavia is also listed as coming up shortly. I’ll write a follow-up post about this, even if there is no spanking scene. In the meantime, a picture has been released of Tamsin Egerton playing Jilly Cooper’s 1970s sore-bottomed heroine.


Spanked soon?

Reader’s Pictures:

A regular reader has sent me some stills of two of his best bare bottom scenes from movies:

crocodile dundee0025jeanne tripplehorn0035

The one on the left is Linda Kozlowski in Crocodile Dundee. Bearing in mind this film dates from the pre-thong days of 1986, he writes:

The first time I saw Crocodile Dundee a collective gasp was heard as Ms Kozlowski disrobed to take a swim. She had a bathing-suit on, but it cut so deep between her buttocks that it looked as if it was bare.

And what a bottom! It’s so majestic that a mere spanking won’t do, this is a bottom for a royal performance by the cane. With a big production: a judicial caning – in a far-off land in a football stadium, in front of a crowd – with a drummer-boy to introduce each new stroke with a drumroll.

Her regal bottom got her the female lead in Zorn, a movie about Swedish artist Anders Zorn, famous for painting voluptuous women. The movie has a scene where she takes a bath – and this time her bottom is naked in all its glory.

The right-hand picture is of Jeanne Tripplehorn and my e-mailer describes it as “The only reason to sit through sixteen hours of Waterworld.”


JS666 has sent me a picture of some “car hop” waitresses from the 1940s. These striking outfits were mentioned in the comments to the Uniform Special on waitresses. They’re competing for the title of Fairest Car Hop in Galveston, Texas 1941.


JS has also recently been sending me some of his most cherished spanking images, many of which will no doubt find their way into future posts. Thanks JS, I’ve enjoyed reading all your emails.

I love it when I get sent pictures by the way!


Finally, back to the more recent subject of naughty maids:

Dr Ken kindly tipped us off about a movie in which Jennifer Anniston appeared as a French maid, and JS has sent me the stills. The film is Friends With Money. (N.B. vacuum cleaner attachments can be used as spanking implements…but only in an emergency.)

jennifer aniston maid1

There’s also some great news from Chross, who dropped by to say that he has archived the Lady of the Manor video book, and will be including it in his Spanking Showcase.

With that in mind, I was looking for some up-to-date pictures of socialite and model Daisy Lowe, who played one of the punished maids. I googled “her name + Glastonbury” (‘cos I knew she’d be there) and found these pictures of her on a fashion blog.

dl 02

As you can see, she is wearing skin-tight black pvc strides with wellies – a rather kinky combination.

dl 03

She was also spotted quite brazenly LARKING AROUND…

AND GOOFING OFF…for the camera!

Should these incriminating pictures come to the attention of Lady A-P, I suspect that disobedient Daisy will soon find herself reluctantly re-treading that all too familiar route to the library of Muckington Manor!

Whatever are young girls coming to these days?

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3 thoughts on “Loose Ends and Reader’s Pictures”

  1. Re the Crocodile Dundee post, 1986 was not pre-thong. That type of suit had been around for sometime then. Ujena Swimwear has been publishing a mag called Swimwear Illustrated for several years featuring such delights as the Sheer G-string Bikini.
    Nonetheless that is one spankable bottom! Perfect for a long session with a wooden or lexan paddle that would leave her not able to sit down on what she is so brazenly showing off for some time!

  2. Hi Tanner,

    I guess you’re right – every generation thinks that they “invented” these things, but I’m sure you could ultimately trace the history of thongs and g-strings back to Ancient Greece. The gasps from the audience were probably as much to do with sheer awe at the beauty of her bottom, rather than “shock” at her swimwear!!

    Good to hear from you again Tanner. You’re always welcome around these parts. 🙂

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