Kari Byron’s Butt Scan

Kari Byron is a presenter on the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters in which experiments are carried out to verify or debunk urban legends and old wives’ tales.

kb 002

She’s been voted ‘Sexiest Geek’ and once did a photoshoot for FHM magazine in which she dressed as a white coated lab assistant.

But the main thing you really need to know about her is that she’s as cute (and rounded) as a button!

kb 003

On her FIRST day as a paid employee with MythBusters, she was asked by co-presenter Jamie Hyneman to help test the “vacuum plane toilet myth”. (An obese person can get stuck on an airline vacuum toilet.)

kb 004

It naturally fell upon the nervous and naive ‘new girl’ to model her BUTTOCKS for a cast!!

The scene in which she bent over a stool to have her rear scanned onto a computer has since passed into internet legend. Wearing nothing but a skin-tight body stocking she presents her bottom at the perfect height and angle for a spanking.


Her shrieks of horror when she sees the results up on the screen are a delight for all embarrassment fetishists. Even better is the humiliating moment when the finished butt mould is wheeled into the studio.

She has to stand meekly by while it is examined by the guys:

“So how did you have this done?” (like he didn’t know!)

“That’s actually KARI’SButt”


Kari’s blushing smile at this point will melt your heart! What a baptism of fire on your first day at a new job!

kb 006

No surprise then that when she went on The Late Show with David Letterman she said that she had been “hired for her butt”, and she has frequently mentioned her embarrassment at having pictures of it all over the internet.

This revealing insight comes from an interview she gave to a children’s science blog!

Jamie took me in his office and he’s like, “Well, you know, I … this is a strange thing to ask, and I don’t want you to think anything weird…

I wanted Jamie to hire me so bad, I was like, “Yes! Yes! Whatever it is yes! I will!”

I sucked up the humiliation. I’m a little bit shy! So they did a 3-D scan of my… my rear end, and … um…

I was learning a sculptural computer tool you can make 3-D models with. It’s called the Free Form Machine. Jamie let me take the 3-D scan of my butt, and I expanded the derriere and I put in some dimples and the whole bit, and we lowered it onto the toilet. It was such a fun thing and I was just kind of in the background.

Then, the opportunity came up: because MythBusters is so involved, they needed more help. They just said, “Hey! You wanna start being in front of the camera?” And I said, “Hell, yeah!”

So here’s the legendary Kari Byron Butt Scan clip that has pretty much everything you could want from a popular science show except perhaps a mention of spanking.

Oh no I forgot…

Actually it has that TOO!

And in case you’re wondering the Vacuum Plane Toilet Myth was BUSTED!

It is impossible to get a perfect seal on a modern airplane toilet, and even if it is possible a properly working toilet provides suction for only a few seconds. Even then, the suction (3 psi) is not beyond human ability to overcome.

So now you know!

kb 008

In a later episode of MythBusters the team investigated the effectiveness of Chinese Water Torture. Guess who got shackled to a rack to test that one out?

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