The Rainy Afternoon

Kansas-born William Inge (1913-73) is best known as the author of Bus Stop, the stage play that was developed into the 1956 Marilyn Monroe movie of the same title. His short play The Rainy Afternoon, published in a 1962 collection of his one-acters, was a sketch in which he explored some ideas that he was considering using in a larger work that ultimately remained unwritten.

The play sits on some uncomfortable borderlines. Its three characters are all young American children, but the script requires performances of a sophistication that can only be expected of older actors: like Dennis Potter’s better known Blue Remembered Hills, it is a play about children written for performance by adults. To add another layer of complexity, these child characters are themselves pretending to be adults, imitating behavior they have observed in their parents: the play starts with the two girls, Wilma and Billie Mae, dressed up in their mothers’ clothes for a mock tea party in a barn, and when the boy, Vic, joins them, he and Wilma play house and relegate Billie Mae to the role of their daughter.

From the first, this is a story specifically about spanking: the opening conversation between the two ‘let’s pretend’ mothers is about how their offspring (or, in reality, their dolls) should be spanked to make them behave. Wilma – the older girl and the play’s principal spanking advocate – is obviously mimicking her own mother: ‘I know everything grownups do. I’ve watched my mother and daddy,’ she says later on. She talks Billie Mae into spanking her doll twice during the initial stages of the play. And her idea of parenting is bad news for Billie Mae when she herself becomes the child of the pretend parents…

At this point it is prudent to break off and say that nobody here at the Spank Statement has absolutely any interest whatsoever in seeing little girls being spanked, and we recommend that anyone who does should (a) steer well clear of little girls and (b) refrain from advocating the disciplinary uses of childhood spanking. Having said that, we are not at all averse to seeing big girls get spanked when they are pretending to be little girls (which is, of course, the plot of Act Your Age).

And that’s fortunate, because otherwise we’d have missed out on this:


That’s The Rainy Afternoon as presented by the University of Pennsylvania in 2002, as part of a double bill of short plays they brought it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

So now we know what’s coming…

So Vic is playing the tired husband, just home from the office. And almost the first subject Wilma raises is their daughter’s naughtiness, and what he must do about it:

WILMA: Baby’s been very bad today, Hubby dear. I’m afraid you’ll have to spank her.

VIC: All right.

WILMA: She just refused to do everything I told her to do, so you’ll have to spank her to keep her from growing up to be a very bad girl.

VIC: All right.

He picks up Billie Mae and starts to put her over his knee.

BILLIE MAE (accusingly, to Wilma): I don’t think this is fair.

WILMA: It’s just pretending, silly.

VIC (spanking her lightly): You must be a good girl, Baby dear, and do everything your mother tells you.

WILMA: You must spank her hard, Hubby dear. She’s been a very bad girl.

Vic spanks her harder.

BILLIE MAE (jumping off Vic’s lap): I’m not going to play any more if you keep on spanking me.

WILMA: I guess she’s been punished enough, Hubby dear.

But perhaps she doesn’t really think that, because shortly afterwards Billie Mae gets a new role, the maid… and Wilma complains about how idle and disobedient she is. She must be punished, but when Vic suggests just firing her, Wilma doesn’t approve of that idea. (It’s apparently hard to find even bad, uncooperative servants!) It’s fairly obvious that she’s hoping ‘Hubby’ will choose some other way of disciplining the naughty maid, but this time she’s out of luck. The game moves on to a family meal, then Baby’s bedtime, and finally Wilma and Vic too go up to their ‘bedroom’ in the hay loft. At the end of the playlet, the disturbed Billie Mae, realizing that they are ‘doing something bad’, creeps out of the barn vowing never to play with them again, and leaving an eerie silence behind her…

As you can see, U. Penn. made a welcome unscripted embellishment that isn’t generally found in high school productions with only slightly younger performers. But at least the spanking scene is sometimes photographed. Here, for example, we see Pat Gentile as Vic spanking Pam Schlemmer as Billie Mae, with the more than usually active complicity of Melody Bowser as Wilma:

Rainy Afternoon 1977 Woodrow Wilson HS

This production was done in 1977 by the Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California. And the very same school did the play again twenty years later in 1997, directed by the very same teacher, Randall Bowden:

Rainy Afternoon 1997 Woodrow Wilson HS

This time it’s Shane Brady punishing Melanie Lindahl, but without quite such overt assistance from Wilma.

And nearly up to date, here’s a production at a 2013 theater festival in Bangalore:

Rainy Afternoon 2013 Short and Sweet

The Rainy Afternoon is such a brief play – the published script runs to just 8 pages – that prospects of a fullscale professional production are slim. But this also makes it perfect for schools and colleges looking for one-act plays or trying to construct a bill of shorts. This very year, 2014, it returned to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as part of Inge at the Fringe, a collection of William Inge shorts performed by high school students from Wichita in his home state of Kansas, including Emily Goodpasture Ottaway as Billie Mae:

Rainy Afternoon 2014

Unfortunately their photographer didn’t serve us as well as the production in general, but at least we have the satisfaction of knowing that The Rainy Afternoon is another spanking play that is still very much alive!

In the Photographer’s Studio (22)

This week we feature the Seattle firm Old School Pinups, whose photographer is Lance Wagner. The studio specializes in the successive period looks of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and there are a number of different standing sets used to create the desired background. Personally I’d like to see some 1960s ‘mod’ spankings…

But there’s a small problem. Like many commercial pin-up and boudoir photographers, it puts the self-esteem of its women clients at the center of the enterprise. That’s the reason why some other studios won’t shoot spanking pictures, as a matter of principle: they believe it’s degrading. It’s not the case with Old School Pinups, but in practice they don’t do spanking pictures, because they have a strict policy of shooting their clients one-on-one, so that there’s nobody else present to do the spanking. But as it’s Christmas, anything’s possible…

Meet Jessica McClanahan.

Old School 01 Jessica

I said it was Christmas, Jessica – not St Patrick’s Day!

Old School 02

That’s better. And as you can see, Santa isn’t going to infringe that ‘one-on-one’ rule. But he can still be a strict Santa…

Old School 04

As the photo caption says, ‘You don’t want to get on Santa’s Naughty List!’

Old School 05

The pictures were shot for Christmas 2012, and of course they are not technically spanking pictures in the precise sense of the word used on this blog. What I find interesting about them, even so, is how they are completely reliant on the model’s acting ability and the photographer’s skill to create their atmosphere and power: Santa has nothing to do with it, simply because he can’t.

If you are interested in the work of Old School Pinups, please visit their website.

All American Family

Robert St Clair, who wrote today’s play, was a prolific author of comedies for American high schools. His real name was Ray Hodges, and it was under that name that, in 1932, he wrote Sweet Sixteen, in which this happens:

01a Sweet 16 1943 Rochester HS

(Joe Sparks spanks Lois Herendeen at Rochester High School, Indiana, on October 30, 1942.)

01b Sweet 16 1949 Paris HS

(Charlotte Smith ‘receives a much deserved spanking’, according to the yearbook caption, from George Henderson at Paris High School, Texas, on March 25, 1949.)

Eight years later in 1940, now as Robert St Clair, he wrote All American Family, the play I’m going to talk more about in a moment. So you’ll have guessed that in the course of the play, inevitably, this happens:

02 All American Family 1945 Walnut Community HS

(George Frederick spanks Marjorie Miller at Walnut Community High School, Illinois, on November 16, 1945.)

He then temporarily changed his name to Robert Ray, and in 1941 he wrote Sadie of the USA, in which this happens:

03a Sadie of the USA 1945 Colestock HS

(Shirley Eldred administers a good spanking to Joan Harry at Colestock High School, Titusville, Pennsylvania, in the school year 1944-45.)

03b Sadie of the USA 1951 Orland Park HS 2

(Audrey Aulwurm is soundly spanked by Agnes Specht at Orland Park High School, Illinois, on March 30, 1951.)

After that he reverted to Robert St Clair, and in 1955 he brought out Man of Seventeen, in which (you guessed it), this happens:

04a Man of 17 1956 Austin HS

(Dotty Want gets a spanking from Al Tucker at a rehearsal for the spring 1956 senior play at Austin High School, Texas.)

Man of 17 1956 Toppenish HS corr

(Larry Wilson spanks Bonita Wertenberger at Toppenish High School, Washington, on March 22, 1956.)

04c Man of 17 1956 Centreville HS

(Leonard Humphreys spanks Joyce Bennett at Centreville High School, Maryland, on March 29, 1956.)

And three years after that, in 1958, he rewrote Sadie of the USA, keeping the same characters and the same basic plot, but updating the political background and with a new title, Susie and the FBI. Luckily this still happens in the new version:

05a Susie and the FBI 1962 Mansfield HS

(Donna Greenwood spanks Marguerite Lemieux at Mansfield High School, Massachusetts, on November 17, 1961.)

05b Susie and the FBI 1964 East Huntingdon HS 1

(Canice Ondich is spanked by Cindy Eicher at East Huntingdon High School, Alverton, Pennsylvania, in the school year 1963-4.)

05c Susie and the FBI 1965 Fort Madison HS

(Margery Lodwick spanks Teresa Baird at Fort Madison High School, Iowa, during the school year 1965-66.)

All of which tends to indicate that, under whatever alias, Robert St Clair had a profound interest in ensuring that many an American high school girl didn’t graduate without first having been soundly spanked!

St Clair’s All American Family has two sons, Bill and Bobby Butler, who are both trying to make money to help the family’s straitened finances, Bobby by selling newspapers and Bill by inventing the wind farm several generations before alternative energy became topical. But the key character is the eldest child and only daughter, Caroline, who is both ‘extremely pretty’ and extremely spoilt. Near the start of the play she is found out as the person who borrowed a dollar from Bobby’s piggy bank without his permission, so that she could have her hair done. She was going to replace it, she insists … just as soon as she could get her father, Roger, to give her the cash. Then she has a row with her fiancé, Bruce Ford, over whether or not they will have a big, expensive church wedding that her family really can’t afford – she, naturally, is the one who wants to spend the money, and when she finds she can’t have her own way, she breaks off the engagement. 14-year-old Bobby can’t be restrained from expressing his opinion:

BOBBY: What that gal needs is a darn good lickin’.

CAROLINE: And I suppose you think you should be chosen as the one to do it?

BOBBY (nods, vehemently): You said it. Right over the said lap.

The plot really gets started when rich Aunt Lucy Middleford comes to stay, accompanied by her daughter Avis. This will be a good chance for Roger to solve the family’s serious financial problems by getting an interest-free loan, if Lucy is well-disposed to them. But there is a complication. By snooping, Caroline has discovered that Avis is adopted, something Avis herself doesn’t know. She is sternly admonished not to tell anyone about it. Avis turns out to be a sweet-natured girl who quickly has a couple of accidental encounters with Bruce. His kindness to Avis makes Caroline jealous… so at a welcoming party for the guests she lets it slip that Avis isn’t really her cousin. Avis overhears it, and is upset, not least because she no longer knows where she comes from, and fears that her father might have been a criminal, or that she might have bad blood. Lucy is outraged that the Butlers have broken a confidence, and threatens to cut short her visit. No loan for Roger, then; but he has something to give Caroline…

ROGER: Caroline, come here.

CAROLINE (giving him a quick look and taking a step toward him): Yes, Daddy.

ROGER (steps in front of the chair on the right of the table): Come closer.

CAROLINE: What for?

06 All American Family 1968 Arcadia HS (NS)

(Alana Heischman about to be spanked by Mike Bolin at Arcadia High School, Ohio, on December 6, 1967.)

ROGER (grimly): I’m going to give you something you haven’t had since you were a little girl.

CAROLINE: What is it?

ROGER (almost shouting): A darn good licking!

He grabs her wrist and sits suddenly in the chair.

CAROLINE (screams): Daddy!

BRUCE: Oh, he’s just joking, Caroline.

ROGER: Yes, and it’ll be the hardest joke this young lady ever had to take! Come down here!

He suddenly hauls her over his lap.

CAROLINE: Stop it! Bruce!

BRUCE (taking a quick step toward them): Mr Butler! Have you gone crazy?

ROGER: No. I’m just coming to my senses. I’m sorry to be compelled to do this in front of you, Bruce, because it’s going to hurt! It’s going to hurt – bad!

On the last word, Roger gives Caroline a terrific spank.

CAROLINE (screams): Ouch! Let me up!

ROGER: Not until I give you something to remember me by!

He gives her another open-handed spank.

CAROLINE (screams again): Ohh! You’re hurting me! Stop it! I’ll never speak to you again! Ohh!

She kicks, wildly. Bruce looks thunderstruck, then turns away so he cannot see the punishment.

All American Family 1948 Comstock HS

(Donald Koester spanks Barbara Berglund at Comstock High School, Minnesota, on November 26, 1947.)

Bobby and Bill appear in the archway and stop short, exchanging amazed glances.

All American Family 1953 Stryker HS Ohio

(Larry Stuckey spanks Sharon Coy in the spring 1953 junior play at Stryker High School, Ohio.)

ROGER: Better watch this, Bruce. It’s lesson number one in how to handle her when she becomes your wife!

He gives her another spank and continues, laying it on hard. Caroline continues to scream and kick.

07 All American Family 1948 Elida HS

(Marilyn Hollar being spanked by Stephen Crites at Elida High School, Ohio, November 21, 1947.)

BOBBY (slaps Bill heartily on the back): Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! That’s the prettiest sight I ever saw! Go to it , Pa, an’ if you need any help – call me.

BILL: That goes for me too, Pa – and how!

He and Bobby roar as


That’s the end of the second act. When the curtain rises again for the third, it’s four days later, and Caroline has run away from home. When she returns, it emerges that Bruce paid for her train fare:

BRUCE: You see, she asked me for it the night of the party – right after she had been – er – spanked by Mr Butler.

CAROLINE (ruefully, with a pained expression): Must you remind me of that?

ROGER (grins): Well, you deserved it, didn’t you?

CAROLINE: I did. I was a little beast, and it took strong measures like that to make me realize what a terrible thing I had done. It was then that I decided to disappear.

But not out of self-pity. She went to the orphanage, pretended to be Avis, and demanded to know the identity of her real parents – so now Avis knows the true story of her origins, and has nothing to fear from her genetic heritage. So thanks to the effects of a good, sound spanking, everything ends happily!

The play was advertised by the Iowa agency that handled the rights, the Art Craft Play Company, as ‘clean and wholesome’ and ‘a guaranteed success’. The earliest traceable production was at Poling High School, Bryant, Indiana, on March 25, 1941, with Frank Bricker as Roger and Dorothy Leavell as Caroline. (There was another production at Borger High School, Texas, also in the 1940-1 school year, but I don’t have its exact date; James Vernon was Roger, and he spanked Norma Harrelson as Caroline.) The latest I know of was at St Croix High School, West St Paul, Minnesota, in June 1968 – unfortunately without any photographic record of the spanking scene. So though the play wasn’t a spectacular hit like Act Your Age or Men are Like Streetcars, it did solid business, sometimes under the title Family Affair, through the best part of three decades. In fact, a guaranteed success!

In the Photographer’s Studio (21)

The more I look at the spanking images created by mainstream photographers, the more surprised I am at how much better their work often is than the pictures shown on the specialist commercial spanking sites.

This thought comes into sharp focus in today’s example, which is the work of Massachusetts-based Tiffany Krzywicki. She has been called ‘a master of cheesecake pin-up’, though so far as I know she has only ever taken one spanking photograph. It’s part of a set entitled ‘A Naughty and Nice Christmas Tale’, shot in 2011 for the pin-up and kitchenwear site Cupcake Provocateur.

Meet the model, redhead Ludella Hahn, who also does cosplay and fetish work:

Tiffany K 01 Ludella Tiffany K 02 Ludella

For Tiffany’s shoot she was paired with Evan Smith. He’s a photographer himself and, as it happens, the man who took that double portrait shot of Ludella you’ve just been admiring. But on this occasion he took a seasonal role in front of the camera:

Tiffany K 03

Visiting Santa means you’re probably going to spend some time on his knee.

Tiffany K 04

Tell Santa what you want, Ludella.

tiffany K 05

And maybe you have something to give Santa?

tiffany K 06tiffany K 07

Now Santa has something for you. Bend down and get it…

tiffany K 08

But he just can’t help noticing something about the way you’re dressed.

tiffany K 09

This naughty girl forgot her skirt!

Tiffany K 10

And when you’re a naughty girl, the biggest problem about meeting Santa is… he knows if you’ve been bad or good!

Tiffany K 11

Ludella may have been bad to wind up in that appealing predicament, but as spanking photographs go, this one is very, very good.

The irony is that, if you follow the commercial spanking sites, you may well have already seen Ludella being spanked – badly. I won’t show you an example because I don’t have anything good to say about any of these pictures, and it would be invidious to pick out one: like a lot of specialist spanking photos, they’re poorly shot with poor OTK posing and they’re often rather too keen on gynecology (for my taste, at least). Same model, but what a world of difference!

If you are interested in Tiffany’s work, please keep a lookout for her website,, when it reopens… and in the meantime visit this online collection of her pin-up photographs.

How to Deal with a Naughty Vampire Girl

The Donna Nye Band is a Pennsylvania-based group whose act combines rock’n’roll with elements of Gothic horror. Here’s Donna, the lead singer:

01 Donna 02 Donna Donna Nye 1598635_364333190411190_9163924570094111387_o03 Donna

In their 2013 show, ‘Awakening’, she plays a vampire who is woken from 300 years in her casket to entertain the audience… But for the Christmas edition, they changed the title.

04 Donna Nye Band

For two performances only, it became: ‘Santa Spanks the Naughty Vampire Girl’. And you really can’t go wrong with that!

And better still, there’s a video of the first performance, at Mineshaft in Ashland, Pennsylvania. The quality and the framing are far from perfect, and the acting won’t win any awards, but I’m not complaining, because the spanking is pretty good, on white panties, with kicking legs, and it lasts for more than three minutes!

She gives herself a few smacks during a sexy dance routine (watch from 12.15 and 13.10), which causes Santa to call her a bad girl. For the inevitable outcome, watch from 14.30…

You’ll have noticed that the ‘impact’ sounds were sometimes out of synch with the action. That’s because they were made by the band’s percussionist, not by the smack of palm against panties. Maybe it’s misleading that the seat of her panties reads, ‘Smoking Hot’:

05 Donna Nye Band

But maybe not: her bottom was bouncing with the slaps, and four days after the performance, on Christmas Day itself, Donna posted to Facebook:

‘Still can’t sit down after the spanking I got Saturday night at my show. Next Saturday I will be all better to just get spanked all over again!!!’

The show, and the spanking, were repeated at Fast Frank’s Place in Middleport the following Saturday, only this time the Naughty Vampire Girl was wearing black panties…

06 Donna Nye 28 Dec

Keep your eyes on the Donna Nye Band this Christmas – because who knows what Santa will be doing this year!

07 donna nye

I Won’t Dance

I Won’t Dance by Oliver Hailey (1932-93) is a three-handed play set in modern-day Los Angeles. And since it is a modern play, we’d better have a ‘strong language alert’ to begin with. It’s also quite a grim, depressing story.

The action begins shortly after a husband and wife have been murdered. One of the suspects is Dom, brother of the male victim, who lives in the same house. They have treated him badly, but there’s one overriding reason why it would be difficult for him to have done it: he spends most of his life in a wheelchair.

Sometimes I Won’t Dance is called a murder whodunit, but in fact we never learn who killed Buddy and his wife, because, as far as the play is concerned, it just doesn’t matter. This is a play about being a cripple: Hailey drew on the experiences of his own brother, a paraplegic, to portray the frustrations of Dom’s condition, unable to walk without braces, unable to dance, loved only for money and dependent on others to look after his ordinary physical needs. He’s just starting to experiment with sex, getting over his embarrassment at the fact that he can’t go on top like a real man. He tries it on with his sister-in-law, Lil, another suspect, but his regular partner is Kay Rublesky, older than him, ‘but terribly attractive’. She’s an out-of-work actress employed by an insurance company, and making money on the side as a hooker – hence her arrangement with Dom.

Dom’s fantasies of mobility eventually lead him to roll his wheelchair onto the freeway, whereupon, unsurprisingly, he gets tailgated by a car. That only makes matters worse: now he will never walk again even with the braces. His reaction is to make a false confession to the murder – but the police don’t believe him and only keep him under house arrest, with visitors allowed. In fact, not much different from the rest of his life…

His first caller in the final scene of the play is Kay, who has just been to the funeral and is wearing a black suit, but brightened with white trim to make it ‘a determinedly chipper mourning ensemble’. But he wants to break off their association – and what’s more, he wants a refund of the money he believes Buddy, his dead brother, paid her to sleep with him. She insists that there was ‘no charge for cripples’, but he chases her round the room in his wheelchair, picking up the extension arm he uses for reaching up to high objects and snapping at her with it, then snatching away her purse.

KAY: Have you always been this way about money?

Dom holds out the purse to taunt her. When she goes for it, he grabs her, turns her over his lap.

DOM (spanking her): I don’t know – I never had any. I always rode on my charm … and Buddy’s money. Now Buddy’s gone and you tell me my charm’s not worth a fuck.

KAY (getting up indignantly): Don’t use that word in front of me. I don’t like it! (Then reacting to the spanking, rubbing her bottom.) You still have his money. And plenty of it!

DOM: The hell I do. I didn’t inherit a dime.

He then throws the purse to the floor and uses the extension arm to pinch her bottom when she bends down to pick it up.

It turns out that in fact he has inherited the money after all: he was just testing Lil and Kay to see if they would love him for himself, a test they both failed…

The play was first staged in 1980, in a little-documented tryout at Buffalo, New York, but was then picked up by the legendary Broadway impresario David Merrick for a production at the Helen Hayes Theatre, New York. The director was Tom O’Horgan, whose previous work included Hair and Jesus Christ, Superstar, and it opened on May 10, 1981, with a Sunday matinee performance. Dom was played by David Selby, best known for his long-running role as Quentin the werewolf in the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. Kay was 45-year-old Arlene Golonka, best known as Millie Swanson, the love interest in The Andy Griffith Show. Here she is:

Arlene Golonka 1 Arlene Golonka 2 Arlene Golonka 2a Arlene Golonka 3

And here they are together in the play:

I Won't Dance 1981

I can’t show you a photo of the spanking: pictures from the production are few and far between, which is probably partly attributable to the fact that it closed on May 10, 1981. Yes, it never reached a second performance after a mauling by the New York theater critics! ‘If you’re going to endure Mr. Hailey’s preposterous play,’ said the New York Times, ‘might I suggest that you arrive at the theater armed with ear plugs and a good book? This play could not be more incoherent if its scenes were intentionally played out of sequence.’ Ouch!

The paper had this to say about Kay:

‘The hooker is a bit more intriguing, if only because she gets to deliver Mr. Hailey’s six or seven funny, if utterly irrelevant, jokes about Hollywood and showbiz. (In her nightmares, Kay says, she pictures herself bludgeoning people to death with a copy of Uta Hagen’s book Respect for Acting.) While by no means subtle, Miss Golonka does earn our profound sympathy in a role that requires her, among other indignities, to submit to a sound spanking by Mr Selby. Indeed, by suffering corporal as well as intellectual punishment in I Won’t Dance, this actress almost convinces the audience that it’s getting off easy.’

The bad reviews killed not only the production, but also the author’s faith in the theater. But his play wasn’t stone dead. The script was published in 1982, and it was intermittently revived over the ensuing decade, including at the Gaslamp Quarter Theatre, San Diego, in 1987, directed by Jean Hauser, with D. B. Novak as Dom and Linda Libby as Kay, who is said to have stolen the show. Here she is:

Linda Libby

Other notable Doms over the years have included Greg Mullavey (Gene Dynarski Theatre, Los Angeles, 1983), and the television star David Strickland, in a production which has so far eluded identification, but is worth mentioning simply because Strickland’s other stage appearances included the title role in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea – so he was an actor who got to play two spanking scenes in the course of his short life.

An attempted high-profile revival in 1991, by the Rivoli Stage Company at the William Carlos Williams Center for the Arts, Rochester, earned the play another merciless drubbing from the New York Times. This time Brent Black was Dom and the women’s roles were played by Judy Chesnutt and Laura Margolis (but it’s unclear which was which). The chances of it getting yet another chance today, nearly a quarter-century on, seem slim – but you never know…


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