The second most frequently performed Broadway musical to feature a spanking scene is Pippin, which premiered at the Imperial Theater, New York, on October 23, 1972 with Eric Berry in the title role. It’s a rock show in the colorful, exuberant style popularized by Hair five years earlier. The music and lyrics were by Stephen Schwartz and the book was by Roger O. Hirson, but the man we have to thank is the choreographer and original director of the show, Bob Fosse (1927-87), whose early resume coincidentally includes an appearance in the 1953 film version of Kiss Me Kate.

The musical is a coming-of-age story about a prince, the eponymous Pippin, who is trying to find his true place in the world. The sequence we’re going to be looking at comes near the end of the first act, just after his grandmother has encouraged him to enjoy his youth while he still has it. He goes in search of female companionship, and finds it – in spades! A love song, ‘With You’, segues into a dance number representing an orgy (it has been wittily called a ‘ho-down’), but he eventually puts a stop to it because he has realized that sex without love is unfulfilling – and so he rises above the temptations of the flesh.

In the original Fosse choreography, the various acts of debauchery include drug-taking: Pippin is given a hookah to smoke from and, once he’s nice and high, he finds there is a scantily clad girl across his knee.


(She’d probably be a bit more scantily clad if that wasn’t a rehearsal shot.)

She has crawled there herself, but Pippin doesn’t seem to know what to do with her. One of his fellow orgiasts takes his hand and gives her a smack on the bottom with it.


She squeals delightedly, bucks her head up and flutters her legs: that was exactly what she wanted!


Pippin gives her another slap unaided, then a third and fourth in quick succession.


More delighted squealing and kicking on her part…


… but then she climbs off and the sequence moves on to vices new.

Now, I said this musical is very often revived, but what I neglected to add is that it is often done without the spanking. It has fed into the US culture of the ‘high school musical’, so predictably the orgy sequence tends to be radically toned down so that Pippin is simply overwhelmed by sexy girls. That’s not entirely attributable to teacherly caution: many of Fosse’s ballet moves are extremely complex and ambitious and best avoided by the semi-trained amateur – don’t try this at home, or in school! In the end, the orgy merely needs to suggest general naughty hijinks: there doesn’t actually have to be a spanking, which means it’s often cut out, in university and regional productions too. And be warned, it’s just as easily altered as omitted: there are a couple of F/M versions out there.

But happily, there are also several good renderings of the show as choreographed by Fosse. Here is that original (from which most of the pictures above were taken), filmed onstage in Toronto in 1981, with William Katt as Pippin:

Here’s a production by the Cultural Arts Playhouse, New York, in 2010, which makes one or two slight variations to Fosse’s choreography:

This seems to be slightly less of a consensual spanking, since the girl doesn’t get across his knee of her own volition, but is placed there by others. Also, Pippin spanks on his own account right from the start. The girl’s a bit less animated than I’d prefer, but she does look quite gorgeous in that miniskirt and boots.

Next up is a 2011 school production from San Miguel, for which we have two different performances. First, a preview version:

For those who like their girls properly across the knee and kicking in the air, this is the weakest of the videos presented here, but at least this Pippin gives her more than the regulation four smacks. In the other version she has her feet off the ground (better), though she is still rather unresponsive:

And here’s a 2013 performance at Coastal Carolina University, with Conor deVoe as Pippin:

That’s much more faithful to Fosse, except that the delight seems to emanate from everyone and not just the spanked girl!

And finally, here’s another nice still from an April 2014 production at the University of South Dakota:


Pippin‘s orgy scene is always fun to watch, whatever they do with it, because it requires a cavorting group of attractive, sexy girls. But it’s always better when one of those sexy girls gets a spanking!

The Rise and Fall of the Bobby Soxers


In the early 1940s, Hitler was busy trampling Europe underfoot but over in America there was a different kind of terror that was threatening the nation. A moral panic that moved quickly from state to state spread, not by the march of the jackboot, but the pitter-patter of the bowling shoe!

The rebellious teen tribe known as the bobby-soxers was on the rise. Their crimes were too numerous to mention but close analysis of the films of the period reveal that some of the most common included:

  • Using slang
  • Laziness
  • Over the top emotions
  • Careless use of the telephone
  • Dancing to swing and big band music


America had invented the teenager and the guardians of traditional family values promptly came up with an invention of their own:

The Teen Spanking!


Educational insititutions were taking no chances either. In Utah, a brand new intake of college freshers turned up wearing the bobby soxer uniform of sweaters, skirts and ankle socks with bowling shoes. They were lined up and paddled in public as a deterrent. Better to be safe than sorry.


The power of the press was employed to try and suppress bobby soxer rebellions wherever they broke out. The dreaded saddle shoe is clearly visible in this still of Betty Lynn being spanked with a newspaper from the film June Bride (1948).  In the same year,  Betty played another bratty bobby soxer in Sitting Pretty and was threatened with a bottom-warming in that too.


I spotted a very similar scene in Harry’s post on the popular high school stage play Men are Like Streetcars. It tells the story of naughty Maudie Mason a character whose roots lie in the bobbysoxer era even though the play was still being performed into the 1970s.


Soon even rural areas of the country were being defended with necessary force. This is one backwoods bobby soxer who won’t be commiting any of those top 5 sins again in a hurry!


Shockingly, even the all American sweetheart and child star Shirley Temple grew up to be a bobby soxer. See her threatened with a spanking here.

Bobby soxer demigogues included the likes of Frank Sinatra and the less well known, but equally dangerous, Van Johnson. How many teenage girls fantasised about being in the position of June Allyson in the film Too Young to Kiss? Draped across Johnson’s knee, she is undergoing some much needed correction from her leader.


Unfortunately for the bobbysoxers, the authorities were able to exploit a vulnerability in their fashionable attire. Those “poodle” style skirts were just asking to be hoiked up!


While there is little authentic picture evidence of this tactic being employed, an excellent approximation from the early 21st Century shows what it might have looked like.


The raised skirt panty spanking must have proved a very effective weapon as by the end of the decade the bobby soxers were in retreat. At the top of this post we see a student with a comb stuffed down her sock but it was a different kind of hair grooming device which proved their final undoing.The ultimate deterrent was reluctantly put into use against the remaining rebels.



Hairbrush-ima soon had the bobby soxers begging to surrender and behave!

Credits: [Bobbysoxer6] This picture is from Harry’s collection and it’s never been on the internet before.

[utah] JS 666 sent me this version of the famous student paddling picture which is better quality than the one seen on most sites.

{Bobbysoxer5] I found this on Richard Windsor’s blog.

[Bobbysoxer3] I think this is from the website Punished Brats.

In the Photographer’s Studio (11)

Susana Victoria Clark, who lives in San Diego, is the owner of Vestige Photography. She specializes in retro and pin-up work, with a slant towards everyday women.

The pictures we’re going to be looking at today were taken on February 13, 2014, to celebrate the engagement of the featured couple. Susana found it an especially exciting shoot, and it made her keen to do more sessions with couples.

So, meet Ashley Brackins and her fiancé Neill Swift. She’s a model and he’s a chef.

Vestige 01Vestige 02

Ashley describes herself as a lover of the vintage style of the 1940s and 50s, but she doesn’t always have sensible taste in footwear…

Vestige 02a

… which is why Neill had to come to her rescue one day in Disneyland when she just couldn’t walk any more:

Vestige 03

‘Who knew my butt was photogenic,’ she later commented.

Neill certainly seems to like the look of it…

Vestige 04

… though it’s less certain that Ashley appreciates it getting this kind of attention!

Vestige 05

A naughty girl getting spanked by her husband-to-be … aww, ain’t it romantic!

May the happy couple have a blissful wedding, and may their romance go on forever – in every way!

If you are interested in Susana’s work, please visit her website.

Shirley Temple 1928 – 2014

Shirley Temple, who died earlier this year aged 85, cemented her latter-day reputation as Hollywood’s ultimate bobby-soxer when she starred in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer the only film to use the term in its title. She never received a spanking in her career as an adult actress, but probably came closest in this 1947 film which was known as Bachelor Knight outside the US.

The plot centers on a high school girl, Susan Turner, who lives with her older sister Margaret, while male authority is provided by Uncle Matt (Ray Collins), a psychiatrist.

After seeing a debonair guest speaker (Carey Grant) at her school, Susan sets about making herself more “mature” to appeal to him, snubbing her teenage boyfriend and giving an absurdly over the top performance of “adult” behaviour.

Eventually, the inappropriate crush is resolved when the older man pretends to cooperate with Susan’s obsession by dating her and forcing her to recognize the gap in their ages. Finally convinced that they are mismatched, Susan returns to her teenage boyfriend, believing that he needs her more.

In the video clip Uncle Matt threatens to put Susan across his knee for arguing with Margaret played by Myrna Loy (no stranger to a screen spanking herself of course).

A year earlier, Shirley had played another troublesome and precocious teen, Corliss Archer, in Kiss and Tell.

To boost sales and attract customers at the local bazaar, Corliss and her friend Mildred decide to start selling kisses.The idea becomes a success among the soldiers visiting the bazaar, and business is booming…until the girls’ parents find out about it!

There isn’t a spanking in the movie, alas, but the gallery below includes three slightly different publicity shots. Shirley is being spanked otk with a hairbrush by her screen father (Walter Abel).

The posed hairbrushing was used on lobby cards and various promotional material and even turned up as recently as 2006 on the cover of a book: American Sweethearts – Teenage Girls in 20th Century Popular Culture by Ilana Nash.

Looking at such figures as Nancy Drew, Judy Graves, Corliss Archer, Gidget, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Britney Spears, American Sweethearts shows how popular culture has shaped our view of the adolescent girl as an individual who is simultaneously sexualized and infantilized. While young women have received some positive lessons from these cultural icons, the overwhelming message conveyed by the characters and stories they inhabit stresses the dominance of the father and the teenage girl’s otherness, subordination, and ineptitude.

According to Ilana Nash, who is writing from a feminist perspective, “Mr Archer’s intense gaze at his daughter’s buttocks suggest a desire to control and consume her sexuality especially since sex is the crime for which he punishes her.”

Clearly she doesn’t approve of young women being subjugated with spankings but her publishers weren’t above using the picture on the cover were they?

Academics can philosophise as much as they want but what Columbia Pictures knew 70 years ago remains true today:

There’s nothing that draws people in like a good spanking!

We’ll be taking a closer look at bobby soxer spankings in my next post.


Amerika was Franz Kafka’s first novel, which he left unfinished: he broke off work on it in 1914 when another idea gripped his imagination, and grew into his best known work, The TrialAmerika was eventually published, posthumously, in 1927.

In 2010, the distinguished theater director Anselm Weber became artistic director of the Schauspielhaus at Bochum in Germany’s industrial heartland of the Ruhr. Part of his new policy for the theater was to invite foreign directors to work on stage adaptations of classic German novels. Kafka’s Amerika fell to the Polish director Jan Klata (born 1973), who prepared a script in collaboration with dramaturg Olaf Kröck (born 1971). Their version of Amerika premiered at the Schauspielhaus on April 28, 2011, and was also performed at the international theater festival in Cracow that October.


It’s a production I would like to have seen – for several reasons!

Kafka originally entitled his story Der Verschollene (The Man who Disappeared). It tells the story of Karl Rossmann, a German teenager who has been sent to America by his parents to avoid a scandal after he got a maid pregnant. In the Bochum production, the character is played by Dimitrij Schaad. He proves to be an innocent in the land of big business and cut-throat exploitation, and as the story goes on, he sinks deeper and deeper into obscurity: in effect, America swallows him whole.

At first, he has good fortune: his uncle is a wealthy businessman and a senator, and he also makes friends with a millionaire’s son, Mack. He is invited to stay with a banker, Mr Pollunder, but his uncle doesn’t want him to go. He does anyway, a decision which will cost him his uncle’s patronage. What happens there will cost him all his other friends too…

This being America in the first quarter of the twentieth century, there’s a fair chance that we shall encounter one of those spoilt rich girls who make life a little more exciting by needing to be taken down a peg or three. In Amerika, the role is filled by Pollunder’s daughter, Clara, who is played in Jan Klata’s production by 25-year-old Kristina-Maria Peters. Here she is:

02 Kristina Peters

And here she is in costume as Clara:

03 Clara04 Clara

This is modern German theater, so you have to allow for the costumes to be a little, well, eccentric. But doesn’t that red dress remind you of anything?

For me, it resembles nothing so much as the outfit worn by Judy Gringer in the very enjoyable Danish film comedy of 1960, Poeten og Lillemor og Lotte:

05 Judy Gringer06 Judy Gringer

And we know what happened to her:

07 Judy Gringer08 Judy Gringer09 Judy Gringer10 Judy Gringer

With that in mind, let’s look at Clara’s costume from another angle:

11 Clara

Clara pays Karl a visit during the night, with obviously amorous intentions:


When he ignores her advances, she turns wildcat and attacks him. That much comes from the novel. But Jan Klata’s version makes a significant addition: in the course of the fight, Karl gives Clara a spanking. That may be bad for Clara in the short term, but ultimately it’s worse for Karl, because his friend Mack turns out to be her fiancé and is therefore now his ex-friend! So his stay at Pollunder’s house has really started him on the downward spiral that leads to his ultimate disappearance.

But before we look at the spanking scene, we must give a moment’s thought to the stage design by Justyna agowska. She based everything on a child’s pop-up book: as each new scene came around, the back wall would drop down over Karl like the pages of the book turning, leaving him suddenly in a new location. All the foreground scenery would fold up from flat, like the balustrade they are pretending to lean on here:


And that presented a problem to the actors in doing the spanking scene. Here they are, valiantly coping with a couch that cannot actually be sat upon:


That’s the only spanking photo that has come to light – but at least we know that, in line with current central European tastes, Clara got spanked on her panties. Red panties, too!


Applause, please, for the cast of Amerika!

Living the Dream

I have a job where I talk to girls about taking loads in the face, and give spankings. I’m living the dream.

The above is a recent tweet by xxx-rated comedian James Holeva aka The Wingman. His show is described as “filthy, offensive, raw, in-your-face, shocking, wrong, sexual and balls out hilarious!”

James Holeva2

James Holeva3

He takes to the stage with one important prop – a stool – but it’s not for sitting on! As an encore he gets female members of the audience to bend over it while he spanks them with a leather belt.

James Holeva

Checking out the ass before spanking it.

Belt marks

Here is a review of the show.

The Wingman is a high-class player and your guide for a night of uncouth comedy and “expert” dating advice whose pick-up mantra is, “Aim high, but take anything.” James Holeva created his crude yet hilarious character for a TV pilot, and has provided his questionable advice on syndicated radio shows. A master of crowd work with no filter, “The Wingman” James Holeva uses his charm and rapid-fire wit to keep the audience guessing, laughing, and blushing. From his raunchy one liners, smart observations on sex and relationships, crazy uncouth adventures and physical comedy, to what he gets people to say and do you will be shocked at what you just saw. There’s also a Q & A portion of the show where you could ask “The Wingman” all your dirty questions, and girls are always fighting over their chance to be a part of the spanking encore.

Holeva is also  the author of The Wingman Chronicles, “a humorous, erotic, autobiographical novel that is an explicit look at his crazy sexual adventures, combining the type of comedy seen in The Hangover with the explicit sex of Fifty Shades of Grey”.

In this video a model reads an extract from the book (which also features a leather belt).

His meet and greet book signings are as crazy as his shows as he usually signs as many asses as he does books.

Signing the ass

He has toured extensively throughout the US and is appearing in New York at the end of this month.

In the Photographer’s Studio (10)

Clarissa Bones is today’s photographer, though she says she considers herself more of a ‘visual artist’ than a photographer. She’s based in Brisbane, Australia, and her studio is called Raw Bones. Like most photographers in this series, she’s interested in the female form. She says:

‘I use the nude and heightened sexuality in many of my pieces to reflect the dominant and submissive roles often played by women. The alluring, soothing nature of the curve of the body juxtaposing the strength and confidence of the angles used help shift the power play from viewer to model.’

The shoot we’re going to be looking at took place on May 16, 2009. The inspiration was drawn from fetish culture, so don’t expect any real-life back story, and it was a ‘switch’ shoot, which means you’re going to see both girls getting spanked. So now, without further ado, let’s meet the models.

First, here’s Lauren Rebelle, who describes herself as a pin-up, fetish and ‘alternative fashion’ model:

Rawbones 01 Lauren RebelleRawbones 02 Lauren Rebelle

She has some experience when it comes to spanking, as you can see from this sequence with another Queensland model, Lita Lynx (in red), showing several different uses for a hairbrush:

Rawbones 03 Lauren Rebelle  and Lita Lynx

But her partner in Clarissa’s photos is going to be the redheaded burlesque performer Miss B. B. le Buff:

Rawbones 04 BB le buff

I said redheaded, B. B.!

Rawbones 05 BBRawbones 06 BB

No, red!

Rawbones 07 BBRawbones 09 BB

That’s better…

It’s B. B. who gets to go first:

Rawbones 10

The next one is an especial favorite with Clarissa:

Rawbones 11

Careful, B. B.! Lauren needs to be able to sit down for the next part of the shoot – though you may not be doing much of that yourself afterwards…

Rawbones 12

Is that mounting panic I see on your face, B. B.?

Rawbones 13

Could it be, B. B., that you just realized you made a very poor choice of panties for this shoot?

rawbones 14

Does B. B. really stand  for ‘Bare Bottom’?

As fetish shots go, these are really rather good: the girls are properly in position for their spankings and B. B. in particular makes an alluringly distressed victim. Yay for all three ladies!

If you are interested in Clarissa’s work, please visit her website.


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