Keep it Up Downstairs (Megamix)

Come into the stable, Maud: Simon Brent spanks Sally Harrison in Keep it Up Downstairs

In the early 1970s, British comedies were moving on from the tease and innuendo of Carry Ons and becoming much more explicit. The results were usually pretty dire, but these films did produce a few spanking scenes at a time when spankings had all but disappeared from mainstream cinema.

Surprisingly, the entire Confessions series produced nothing much of interest but the similar Ups and Downs of A Handyman (1975) was a lot more fun with it’s spanking squire who was based on a real life person. From the same year Penelope Pulls it Off featured a nude spanking for Linda Marlowe.


Penelope Pulls It Off

Keep it Up Downstairs (1976) was a spoof on the most successful TV drama of the period Upstairs Downstairs. It showcased an otk scene for Francoise Pascal who is punished by Neil Hallet’s butler after being caught trying on the Lady’s jewellery. It’s less well known that there’s another maid called Maud, played by Sally Harrison, who goes otk too. She is spanked in a stable while romping with a man servant. There’s just one swat but he does get her over his knee in full maid’s uniform! (see top picture)


Maud and Mimi

There are also numerous single smacks throughout the film for both Maud and Mimi the minxy maids. So as a post-Christmas treat I’ve put together a clip of ALL this movie’s spanking highlights. I’ve included a scene where Francoise Pascal is pinned down by a window and her drawers lowered in what could have been a perfect set up for another spanking. The opportunity isn’t taken, but Chross has recently posted a scene from a Slovakian movie where a similar restraining method is used to much better effect.

Here’s my Keep it Up Downstairs compilation:

On the IMDb page for this movie, it states that Francoise Pascal’s bottom in the spanking scene really belongs to Mary Millington (who plays Polly the scullery maid). I believe this is incorrect and that the confusion has arisen because it’s Mary Millington’s bottom that doubles in the WINDOW scene. Mary Millington was a well known porn star of the period and you can easily compare her bottom with the one in my clip because she once had the honour of being on the cover of Janus!


Francoise Pascal later became famous for a TV sitcom called Mind Your Language in which she played another stereotypical French sex kitten. I couldn’t find much about Sally Harrison but there’s an interesting thread on the Britmovie forum (although it doesn’t mention Keep It Up Downstairs).

Finally, I should mention that a new version of master-and-servant period drama Upstairs Downstairs has been made and it’s expected to be the top rated show on television here this Christmas. As Mimi would say:

“Eh bien, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

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