Amber Dawn

spankamber 001

Never mind AMBER, she’d get the GREEN light to go across my knee that’s for sure – but she’d end up stuck on RED for quite a long time after!

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite independent San Francisco based cam-model Amber Dawn whose site contains some of the most raunchy, rebellious and red-headed spanking action on the internet.

These very different pics helps to demonstrate why she’s winning so many fans:

spankamber 003 spanamber 005 spankamber 006

Showcasing her fabulous porcelain skin tones, the left picture hints at Amber’s love of burlesque. The delightful middle pic, which is crying out for a witty caption, shows she can do playful roleplay too. And on the right she’s being…just her gorgeous glamorous redheaded self!

On the About page of her site, Amber describes her favorite spanking position as:

…anything where I’m comfortable so I can enjoy my spanking and whatever makes my butt look the bubbliest!

I should point out here that Spank Amber is very much a double act between Amber and her lensman partner known simply as Daddy. They say that “daddy knows best” and he certainly knows a thing or two about how to capture Amber’s bottom at it’s bubbly best!

As a result, you’ll find more pictures that really hit the spot than on many ‘bigger’ spanking sites. Like these two shots for example:

amberdawn1 spankamber 004

Anyone wanting to get to know Amber better can watch a recent video interview here. Alternatively, just head straight over to her site and get signed up.

Amber is rightly proud of being an all natural redhead and says that they make up only 2% of the world’s population. Presumably half of those are guys so that leaves just 1%. Still a lot of bottoms to work your way through!

I’ve saved a VERY special picture till last. It’s one that Amber sent to me herself.

spankamber 002

Just perfect for the next Spank Statement banner don’t you think? After banging on for years about how spankable curvy redheads are, it’s about time I had one at the top of all my posts!

5 thoughts on “Amber Dawn”

    1. Thanks Amber, I’ll change the header at the end of the year. (I haven’t been using the current one very long).

      Thanks for adding my link and good to have you back and updating your blog again 🙂

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