Uniform Special – Maids

usm 06The classic black and white French maid costume takes some beating. It’s similar to that of a waitress, but usually shorter, and more frilly and lacy. In other words, more sexy and provocative.

It’s also worn in a different context, and comes trailing a whole host of exciting spanking scenarios along with it.

This uniform is most commonly associated with the setting of the grand country house. Such places are full of dust, and when the maid isn’t bending over to clean, you’ll usually find her at the top of a ladder. Either way, the Lord of the Manor can sit back and enjoy the view.

usm 05

When it comes to finding reasons to discipline a maid, you don’t have to try too hard. French maids and light corporal punishment are natural bedfellows.

Evidence of this is provided by the fact that there is a novel entitled Spanking the Maid written by Robert Coover. It’s not even porn, but a serious examination of the abuse of power in relationships. But let’s just enjoy the cover, and that title:

coover 01

Not Porn

The theme hasn’t escaped the attention of spanking video producers either. This is the cover inlay of a classic Spanking for Pleasure production with a Robert Coover inspired title (click to enlarge).

stm 02


This picture shows Cuban-American actress Joanne Garcia as Reba’s oldest daughter in the sitcom Reba. No spanking in this, but what a superb demonstration of the allure of the maid costume.

usm 04

So how do you like your French maids to find themselves being punished? This chalk drawing by Brian Tarsis comes from the more formal end of the spectrum.

usm 10

The house guests are all assembled for drinks, which the unfortunate maid has spilt all over the floor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has ruined her mistress’ dress in the process. Check the lady’s satisfied expression as the maid receives her just deserts…on the bare bottom…with a strap. The man doing the spanking is the butler.

You can usually guarantee that if the master or mistress of the house doesn’t get to spank the maid, then the butler will.

That’s exactly what happens in the film Keep it Up Downstairs (1976). This clip shows butler Neil Hallett spanking French maid Francoise Pascal. The spanking is rather weak and ineffectual, but it’s still a hot scene thanks to the costume, and a nice pair of white bloomers.

usm 09

I also found this great picture of Francoise Pascal apparently ready to receive a dose of something more severe from His Lordship,

…perhaps for the offence of sweeping dust under the carpet:


Talking of failing to dust properly, what about these two lazy young maids? They’ve been instructed to spend the morning on their chores, but have hardly put their back into it. (click for much larger image)

usm 11

When the Lady of the Manor comes to inspect their work they know they’re in deep trouble. Just look at the rabbit-caught-in-headlights expression of the one on the right, and the sorrowful doe-eyes of her flame-haired companion.

The mistress runs her finger over the table to check for dust…and discovers what a slip-shod job the pair have done.

“You two! Go straight to the library, and wait for me there!” she barks.

usm 15

Read tomorrow’s Spank Statement to find out what happens in the library.

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10 thoughts on “Uniform Special – Maids”

  1. Somewhere I have a picture of Jennifer Aniston in a maid’s outfit. I don’t know what movie it’s from, and unfortunately she isn’t bending over–but it’s still a nice picture….

    Dr. Ken

  2. Patron: Nice clip. I had completely forgotten about this movie.

    So that’s Colonel Mustard in the Library with the rattan cane then 🙂

    Dr Ken: I’ve don’t recall ever seeing Jennifer Anniston in a maid’s costume, but I’d sure like to. I just read that they’re making a Friends movie, so let’s hope Jennifer gets to wear some more tasty outfits on the big screen.

  3. Valdor–
    Don’t hold out hope for a FRIENDS movie. I heard a report on Friday that it’s dead.
    Or perhaps it would be best to say, don’t look for it anytime soon. These things have a way of happening after many false starts and stops…..

    Dr. Ken

  4. The spanking drawing by Brian Tarsis, is fantastic, and most erotic. Yes, the perfect spanking in bygone households, when all the family, be they Upstair’s members or Downstairs. Had to observe the master of the house, spank his naughty brood of females. These females could be the wife, daughter, mother, aunt, niece, maid, female cook, or nanny. Yes if you were one of these naughty females, your bare bottom paid the painfull price of being spanked, by hand, paddle, hairbrush, birchrod, cane or whip. And rightly so.

  5. There’s a great scene in Clue when Yvette (Colleen) lifts up her maid’s uniform skirt to sit on the sofa and, for a second, reveals lovely white panties.

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