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Assless Panties

Designers today are reaching new heights in their fetishization of butt cleavage. There’s a whole spectrum of crack-revealing styles on the market, and you can likely find them draped around the shapely derrieres of fashionable women near you. From a cultural point of view, anything that helps to draw attention to the bottom as an erogenous zone and brings it the sort of attention traditionally lavished on breasts has to be a good thing doesn’t it?

Reclaiming the “builder’s bum” once and for all, we now have butt cleavage of a much more purposeful and erotic sort.

Yes, the day of the assless pantie has arrived!



20737 3 468


sttropezleisure wildsophiared

cendrillion+agentac 03

Whilst spanking isn’t quite the first form of kinky sex that you might associate with this form of underwear, many companies market them as “spanking panties” alongside implements such as paddles and rulers.


They seem a bit coy about letting us see their spanking tools actually being used but I found this pic from a French company which shows a model spanked on the (non-existant) seat of her fashionably assless panties.

20737 1 468

A couple more assless pantie + spanking paddle combinations.


Kate Moss looks great in this Agent Provocateur ad and I’ve included two pictures below showing other models wearing the same very popular design.




These two show more  styles featuring heart-shaped see-through panels.

update15 21859223

Got any more assless pantie pics? Send them to me and I’ll add them to this post with a credit of course.

Loose Ends and Reader’s Pictures

Tying up a few loose-ends from previous posts:

The long lost spanking scene from The Cowcatcher’s Daughter has at last made it onto YouTube. You can now view probably the longest spanking in a mainstream movie EVER!.

I’ve also got another post planned later in the year on the star of this film, Marjorie Beebe, written along with a reader who also happens to be a leading authority on this actress. You won’t want to miss it.


The book Confessions of a London Spank Daddy has been published. You can read a lengthy extract by going to this page. Select the “spanking & submission” tab, and then follow the links.

It’s production-line porn and pure fiction. Great title though, and the premise – a spanking equivalent of best-selling book Belle de Jour – is an excellent one. If Secret Diary of a Call-girl (based on Belle de Jour ) can make it as a TV series, then why not this?

Incidentally, a new series of Secret Diary begins in September. After the scenes of Billie Piper whipping a client in series one, surely this time the tables will be turned.

bp 10fe7

Spanked soon?

Talking of TV dramas, Octavia is also listed as coming up shortly. I’ll write a follow-up post about this, even if there is no spanking scene. In the meantime, a picture has been released of Tamsin Egerton playing Jilly Cooper’s 1970s sore-bottomed heroine.


Spanked soon?

Reader’s Pictures:

A regular reader has sent me some stills of two of his best bare bottom scenes from movies:

crocodile dundee0025jeanne tripplehorn0035

The one on the left is Linda Kozlowski in Crocodile Dundee. Bearing in mind this film dates from the pre-thong days of 1986, he writes:

The first time I saw Crocodile Dundee a collective gasp was heard as Ms Kozlowski disrobed to take a swim. She had a bathing-suit on, but it cut so deep between her buttocks that it looked as if it was bare.

And what a bottom! It’s so majestic that a mere spanking won’t do, this is a bottom for a royal performance by the cane. With a big production: a judicial caning – in a far-off land in a football stadium, in front of a crowd – with a drummer-boy to introduce each new stroke with a drumroll.

Her regal bottom got her the female lead in Zorn, a movie about Swedish artist Anders Zorn, famous for painting voluptuous women. The movie has a scene where she takes a bath – and this time her bottom is naked in all its glory.

The right-hand picture is of Jeanne Tripplehorn and my e-mailer describes it as “The only reason to sit through sixteen hours of Waterworld.”


JS666 has sent me a picture of some “car hop” waitresses from the 1940s. These striking outfits were mentioned in the comments to the Uniform Special on waitresses. They’re competing for the title of Fairest Car Hop in Galveston, Texas 1941.


JS has also recently been sending me some of his most cherished spanking images, many of which will no doubt find their way into future posts. Thanks JS, I’ve enjoyed reading all your emails.

I love it when I get sent pictures by the way!


Finally, back to the more recent subject of naughty maids:

Dr Ken kindly tipped us off about a movie in which Jennifer Anniston appeared as a French maid, and JS has sent me the stills. The film is Friends With Money. (N.B. vacuum cleaner attachments can be used as spanking implements…but only in an emergency.)

jennifer aniston maid1

There’s also some great news from Chross, who dropped by to say that he has archived the Lady of the Manor video book, and will be including it in his Spanking Showcase.

With that in mind, I was looking for some up-to-date pictures of socialite and model Daisy Lowe, who played one of the punished maids. I googled “her name + Glastonbury” (‘cos I knew she’d be there) and found these pictures of her on a fashion blog.

dl 02

As you can see, she is wearing skin-tight black pvc strides with wellies – a rather kinky combination.

dl 03

She was also spotted quite brazenly LARKING AROUND…

AND GOOFING OFF…for the camera!

Should these incriminating pictures come to the attention of Lady A-P, I suspect that disobedient Daisy will soon find herself reluctantly re-treading that all too familiar route to the library of Muckington Manor!

Whatever are young girls coming to these days?

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Her Ladyship is Not Best Pleased

In my last post, we left two naughty maids as they had been sent to the library of Muckington Manor by their mistress for failing to do their chores properly.

usm 12

For those who want to cut to the chase and see what happens when they are in the library, click this link. Then (after clicking on the cover of the book), open the menu (bottom left), and click on “Discipline”; OR click on the hidden link in the far left skylight of the roof of the house.

(Includes short video clip and excellent line drawings)


The picture of the maids above comes from a “sexy adventure booklet” made for lingerie company Agent Provocateur called The Lady of the Manor.

daisy head

The dark-haired maid is played by 19 year-old model Daisy Lowe (above), who has since become a regular in the gossip columns and the star of a reality TV show.

She is the daughter of a model (Pearl Lowe) and a rock star (Gavin Rossdale) and was described in The Sunday Times last month as “London’s hottest it-girl”. She has also been in the news for dating super-cool record producer Mark Ronson.

dl 10

Daisy Lowe and Peaches Geldoff

The other maid is a a stunning Australian redhead called Tiah Eckhardt.

tiah 01

Lady A-P is played by famous model and actress Catherine Bailey. The scenes were shot in a country house outside Oxford.

lap 01

According to reports, the fabulously sexy 46 year-old enjoyed playing the role of the mistress in charge of two naughty French maids. One minute she is whipping their bare bottoms; the next she is half nude, being massaged by them in a bubble bath.

“I liked being in control.” she said.

I bet she did! How satisfying for a middle-aged former it-girl to get to discipline today’s young pretenders.

And Daisy and Tiah look genuinely intimidated by her, as she strides up and down the library tapping her riding crop, with their quivering little bottoms entirely at her mercy. What a sight!

I mentioned the line drawings, which are by Tim Major. I particularly like the one where the imperious mistress is dragging the pair of miscreants to the library by their ears.

If you’ve read this far, you will probably prefer to click the link above and read the whole story.

You will discover that the maids were luckily spared punishment for their laziness in doing their chores. But later, after spying on their mistress romping with a lover in the stables, they are found out by a piece of hay in Tiah’s hair.

“Her ladyship is not best pleased.”

So it’s back to the library, and this time the misbehaving maids are not so fortunate.

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Uniform Special – Maids

usm 06The classic black and white French maid costume takes some beating. It’s similar to that of a waitress, but usually shorter, and more frilly and lacy. In other words, more sexy and provocative.

It’s also worn in a different context, and comes trailing a whole host of exciting spanking scenarios along with it.

This uniform is most commonly associated with the setting of the grand country house. Such places are full of dust, and when the maid isn’t bending over to clean, you’ll usually find her at the top of a ladder. Either way, the Lord of the Manor can sit back and enjoy the view.

usm 05

When it comes to finding reasons to discipline a maid, you don’t have to try too hard. French maids and light corporal punishment are natural bedfellows.

Evidence of this is provided by the fact that there is a novel entitled Spanking the Maid written by Robert Coover. It’s not even porn, but a serious examination of the abuse of power in relationships. But let’s just enjoy the cover, and that title:

coover 01

Not Porn

The theme hasn’t escaped the attention of spanking video producers either. This is the cover inlay of a classic Spanking for Pleasure production with a Robert Coover inspired title (click to enlarge).

stm 02


This picture shows Cuban-American actress Joanne Garcia as Reba’s oldest daughter in the sitcom Reba. No spanking in this, but what a superb demonstration of the allure of the maid costume.

usm 04

So how do you like your French maids to find themselves being punished? This chalk drawing by Brian Tarsis comes from the more formal end of the spectrum.

usm 10

The house guests are all assembled for drinks, which the unfortunate maid has spilt all over the floor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has ruined her mistress’ dress in the process. Check the lady’s satisfied expression as the maid receives her just deserts…on the bare bottom…with a strap. The man doing the spanking is the butler.

You can usually guarantee that if the master or mistress of the house doesn’t get to spank the maid, then the butler will.

That’s exactly what happens in the film Keep it Up Downstairs (1976). This clip shows butler Neil Hallett spanking French maid Francoise Pascal. The spanking is rather weak and ineffectual, but it’s still a hot scene thanks to the costume, and a nice pair of white bloomers.

usm 09

I also found this great picture of Francoise Pascal apparently ready to receive a dose of something more severe from His Lordship,

…perhaps for the offence of sweeping dust under the carpet:


Talking of failing to dust properly, what about these two lazy young maids? They’ve been instructed to spend the morning on their chores, but have hardly put their back into it. (click for much larger image)

usm 11

When the Lady of the Manor comes to inspect their work they know they’re in deep trouble. Just look at the rabbit-caught-in-headlights expression of the one on the right, and the sorrowful doe-eyes of her flame-haired companion.

The mistress runs her finger over the table to check for dust…and discovers what a slip-shod job the pair have done.

“You two! Go straight to the library, and wait for me there!” she barks.

usm 15

Read tomorrow’s Spank Statement to find out what happens in the library.

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Cool Gear & Hot Bottoms

These pictures have a theme: good-looking, trendy young folk…spanking each other. In the name of fashion advertising.

gl 01

Yellow pantie fashion faux-pas earns sore bottom

I have heard women complain that in spanking porn there are no good looking male tops.

gl 03

cool gear, uncool implement

So ladies, just get an eyeful of these handsome spanking dudes, all dressed up in their designer gear.

gl 02


Who’d have thought that something as old hat and traditional as spanking could become so cool, fashionable and funky?

gl 04


Clothing credits:from top: Good Life, Old Khaki, American Eagle, Gucci

Picture Credits: Good Life: I found this on the Good Life website,

Old Khaki :

American Eagle:

Gucci: Every spanko blogger ever.

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Sadie’s Bottom De-frosted

Raunchy as ever,  high-end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur hosted a very kinky event at a gallery in Holland Park on Tuesday night.

Entitled A Very Private Affair, the party and floor-to-ceiling exhibition of photographs by Tim Bret Day, heralded the launch of the label’s spring/summer collection. Needless to say, scantily-clad models were here, there and everywhere.

sf 11

A scattering of celebs were in attendance too, including Sadie Frost.

sf 10

One stunning model was brandishing a riding crop.

sf 13

It didn’t take her long to track down sassy Sadie and administer a long overdue spanking to the spoiled socialite and ex-wife of Jude Law, who once said “being treated as a princess” was one of her main interests.

sf 14


sf 02

Sadie did her best to keep her composure and laugh it off.


But her bottom was well striped by the end of the evening…allegedly.

sf 06

But then the tables were turned, when a gorilla of a security guard demonstrated his fireman’s lift technique to eject the naughty model from the establishment.

sf 15

Spanking the celebrity guests is clearly not to be tolerated.

(Pictures from

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Ellen Unwerth’s Revenge

“I love all the old pictures of spanking and Bettie Page and corsets. But you can’t do spanking in fashion, so I wanted to do a project where I could really let go and get girls who also love those things. I thought it would be even more sexy when there was a story to go with it, so it wasn’t that difficult to write a little storyboard.”

So said top fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth, after the release of her book Revenge, a sado-masochistic photo-story published by Twin Palms.

It tells the story of eight sisters sent away to an aunt’s chateau, by their widowed mother. The girls look forward to the adventure, only to end up in a series of sexually charged S&M scenes as they become enslaved by the wicked Baroness and her staff who insist that they “earn their keep.”

Finally able to free themselves, the story ends with the girls turning the tables on their captors.

The book was photographed over three days at a luxurious chateau on the outskirts of Paris. Each of the women finds herself at the mercy of spankings, bondage, enforced hosings, whippings and more – all while barely clad in impeccable 1940s vintage fashions.

And the girls are pretty vintage too. Unwerth’s fashion world connections no doubt helped her to secure some of the world’s top models. Yes, that’s mainstream supermodels, including Julie Ordon (second right) and Sarabeth Stroller (first left) in a fetish spanking and bondage shoot influenced by The Story of O!

evu 002

There are some very dark scenes that would not be out of place in some of the more extreme spanking films, but the pictures never lose their sense of fun. Spontaneous and not overly posed; arty but not pretentious, this is high fashion meets BDSM with a real twinkle in its eye! Perhaps only a woman could have tackled this subject matter with quite such a light but sure touch.

jo 04

“Having my bare bottom spanked over the knee in the grounds of a French chateau. Ooer…I think I might need a stiff drink first.”

Personal highlights include the stunning Julie Ordon (above) as Marie Louise being spanked OTK by a maid played by Lenka Batkova.

evu 03

She made sure that at least three of the other sisters also got a good seeing to.

evu 04

Sarabeth Stroller as Isabelle came in for some personal attention

evu revenge 24[1]

Whilst later the Baroness’ maid flogs Minerva Portillo in the pony stable. Hieroglyphs of pain are raised on the poor girl’s rump, which will later be referred to in the book as “fiery Braille.”


The pictures of hosings are pretty breath-taking too, as are the upskirt stocking-top pictures.

There’s also one very striking F/M picture, as the women turn the tables on the chauffeur. He is left tied to the chateau’s gate with his pants bunched at his knees while the liberated girls beat him with riding crops and whips.

Poor sod.

A good selection of the book’s 190 pictures can be seen here and here .

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Awards of the Year – Sport & Fashion Categories


Most Spankable Sportswoman: Maria Sharapova

Also nominated: Tatiana Golovin, Martina Hingis, The Williams Sisters, (if you have any nominations for spankable sportswomen who aren’t tennis players, I would like to hear them.)

ce 01

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chris Evert

lc 01

Most Spankable Model (U.K): Lily Cole

Also nominated: Keeley Hazel, Abigail Clancy, Gemma Atkinson

mk 01

Most Spankable model (overseas): Miranda Kerr

Also nominated: Carmen Elektra, Vida Guerra, Gisele Bundchen.


Lifetime Achievement Award: Cindy Crawford

Model Spanks Herself

model spanks herself

This model was wearing an outfit from the collection of designer Betty Johnson at New York Fashion Week.

The see-through skirt and thong combination drew plenty of attention to her bottom. But just in case there were any spectators who still hadn’t noticed its charms, she raised the skirt and gave herself a good spanking!